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Cimini: Mike T in S Carolina------but not for Manning


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Mike T. hits the scouting trail

March, 8, 2012

Mar 8



By Rich Cimini

On Peyton Manning's first full day as a free agent, GM Mike Tannenbaum jumped on a plane and took off for ... South Carolina?

No, Manning isn't conducting a clandestine workout in South Carolina. On Thursday morning, Tannenbaum headed there to attend Clemson's Pro Day, according to a source.

This is interesting because Tannenbaum doesn't hit a ton of Pro Days during the pre-draft process; he relies on his scouting staff. The object of his curiosity is believed to be DE Andre Branch (6-4, 260), an athletic pass rusher rated 26th on Todd McShay's list of prospects. Mel Kiper rates Branch as the third-best DE, behind Quinton Coples (North Carolina) and Melvin Ingram (South Carolina).

Branch is intriguing because some believe he has the athleticism to make the switch to a 3-4 OLB, which makes him appealing to the Jets. Branch recorded 11 sacks last season and a total of 19 in his career.

Clemson also has two other prospects hoping to sneak into the first round: DT Brandon Thompson and TE Dwayne Allen.

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JonEJinx will be in here shortly to break down the eleven sure-fire Hall of Famers at Clemson's pro day today.

Just was watching Rex being interviewed in Death Valley.

Andre Branch makes sense, but I honestly think they're looking at Dwayne Allen, TE and possibly Brandon Thompson NG

Nice to see phenom Willy Korn back after such a horrible injury

Not sure if Rennie Moore or Kourtnei Brown wouldn't be an option at OLB

Enjoy http://espn.go.com/w...size/condensed/

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Networking. Though "illegal" I'd say a lot of trade-talk happens at these functions where representatives of all 32 teams are present.

+1 it's all misdirection as well. If teams think he's serious on Branch (and he isn't) that's possibly advantageous.

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What purpose does Mike serve at a Pro Day? Are they doing a bookkeeping drill after the 3 cone this year? Go back to your office and get us a quarterback

He is the starting gun for all events. When he stops stuttering the first word, it means "go".
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Tanny is scoping out waffle houses for the next revis Holdout

LOL. Every time I pass the exit on 17 where the Roscoe Diner is, I picture that Ned Beatty post-rape-face-from-Deliverance that Tannenbaum had on after meeting Revis' agents. Truly one of the more poignant moments from Hard Knocks.

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