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Wild West Mafia - Game Over


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1. Do not communicate offthread unless your role PM says you can.

2. This is a hammer game, once a majority is reached that player is lynched.

3. I don't care if you edit your posts but don't delete them and don't edit after you're dead.

4. Do not quote anything I say to you privately. Paraphrasing is fine as is lying about paraphrasing.

5. When players die their roles and alignments will not be made public in the thread.

6. This is a Last Will game.

Last Wills: Every night you may submit a "Last Will" to the mod (me) via PM. If you die at any time the most recent Will you turned in will be published to the thread for everyone to see.


1. AVM - Mafia

2. Jetscode1

3. Pac

4. Jetsfan80

5. StraightCash

6. Christine - Mafia

7. Wombat - Town

8. Leelou

9. Eternal Phoenix

10. BG

11. Ape

12. Vic - Town

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Roles haven't been sent out yet but you guys can talk if you want. Note that Sharrow, JiF, and Ape have all indicated they have limited to no time to play this in the next week. You guys can lynch them or wait or whatever. There will be no deadline for day 1.

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AVM - Christine, JF80 (2)

JC1 - Leelou (1)

Leelou - Pac (1)

Not Voting: AVM, Jetscode1, Crusher, Wombat, JiF, BG, Ape, Sharrow (8)

With 12 alive it takes 7 to lynch.

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Ohhh I get it now

I'm sorry

man you guys should really try being a little clearer when you sign up for games

I'm not a mind reader you know

Yes me thank you.

Please wait for HG to finish. Professional Courtesy

I took the "yes me thank you" to mean that you for one wanted me to wait until after HG finished not that you were signing up

anyway there seemed to be a few people who didn't reeeaaalllly want to play

maybe they'll give you their role

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