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Justified Mafia - GAME OVER

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Leelou - Boyd Crowder - Mafia Bomber - Lynched D3

Gata - Tim Gutterson - Backup Watcher - Modkilled D6

80 - Dewey Crowe - Mafia Role Cop Traitor - Lynched D6.5

Lizard King - Rachel Brooks - Vanilla Town - Survived/Won

Pac - Constable Bob - Vanilla Town - Killed D5

CTM - Johnny Crowder - Mafia Goon - Lynched D2

Hess - Elstin Limehouse - Vanilla Town - BTFO D2

Verbal - Wyn Duffy - Vanilla Town - BTFO D3

DPR - Ellen May - Vanilla Town - Killed N3

Nyn - Raylan Givens - Town Vigilante Tracker - BTFO D1

Stark - Ava Crowder - Mafia Goon - Lynched D4

Brick - Arlo Givens - Vengeful Townie - Lynched D5

Jif - Art Mullen - Vanilla Town - Survived/Won



1) No character or role reveals. No hints, no asking, etc. Don't walk the line because if you mess up you will be modkilled.

2) Self voting and No Voting is allowed.

3) This will be a hammer game, if no majority is reached by deadline play will continue to Night like normal.

4) Please have fun, thanks.

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33 minutes ago, JiF said:

My body is ready.

Oh it will be....























It will be  >:-)

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