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New furniture set (pictures included).

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1 hour ago, HighPitch said:

Looks nice n cozy.

now wife pics

Nah bra. I'm 35 as of today and 36 as of tomorrow. The last time I posted a picture of me and my wife (then fiance) I was only 23-24. 12 years ago. 2009. Wasn't even a dad yet (daughter now 10). MySpace was still alive. FB, who? Never heard of it.  

Hah. I didn't even post a picture of us. Now thinking back. 

Someone on either JI or JN went to my MYSPACE. And took the pictures. ?

Next thing you know? We were photoshopped. I was sitting on her shoulders and she was made into a Giraffe. Or something like that.


I must say. Those were the days. We had so many laughs over it. 2009 & 2010 were my glory days as a poster. Look at my username. Rex. Revis. Revis. Rex. #24. David Harris. Cromartie (FSU). Ellis (legend). Can't wait Scott. Kris Jenkins (what could've been). Pouha. Heck, Jimmy Leonard aka Rudy. It was a fun ride. Hard Knocks! I didn't even know what Photoshop was back then. But I learned. She found out how NUTS NY Sports fans are too. That was at least awesome. She never understood my Jets passion. And then she met JI and JN and TGG. Still laughs today I just told her about it ? PS We're so nuts we're even way more nuts than her Latvian brothers who love hockey and soccer. Heck. I don't even think they have message boards for Latvian sports in Latvia where her brothers still live. 

Nope. Not posting any pictures.

We're too grown for all that ?

"Here in 2021". 

Anyone remember HERE IN 09?

Holy smokes. 

You think I have Knicks fever? Should've seen me 2009-2010 I was a lunatic Bengals Chargers Colts Patriots Palmer Rivers Manning Brady all @ on the road. 

Why'd you remind me of that damn Giraffe picture ?️ now I can't stop thinking about the old times. 

Ok. I'm thinking about her furniture set as her birthday gift because it's my birthday tomorrow and her and my daughter haven't been home since 5:00. I wonder what they could be up to ???


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On 6/1/2021 at 4:44 PM, Defense Wins Championships said:

What do you guys (and girls) think of this set? 

Back in March for my wife's birthday me and my daughter surprised her with a brand new furniture set (first time I've ever gone furniture shopping, without any adult woman help that is ?)

How did we do? 








Antique Roadshow ?

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2 minutes ago, SAM SAM HE'S OUR MAN said:

Antique Roadshow ?

I saved up and worked hard for it. 

And if you think it's trash can you post me pictures of your beautiful living room set up that you've got so I can learn from you for the next time me and my daughter pick our future for my best friend and her mom?

Can you do that for us? 

Thnx in advance if so. 

I knew she wanted a country feel to our place so I think me and my daughter did pretty good because she cried tears of joy walking in from work on her birthday ???


That's one of my favorite pieces of furniture right there because it's pretty neat to eat food on during my Knicks games and soon to be Jets games ?

Care to post pictures of your home furniture for me?

Or is it too trash for you to share? 


You sound jealous dudes. 

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