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WORDLE - the newest craze

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17 hours ago, RutgersJetFan said:

Yesterday's word was knoll and I just wanted to come on here and say what a bullsh*t word to use. My wife thoroughly enjoyed my frustrations with it. 

First SHIRE, then KNOLL, if we get FRODO I'm calling shenanigans.


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1 hour ago, Integrity28 said:

I typically have 2-3 words I use o begin guessing and letter elimination. I okayed them out if my usual order today, or I would have had it in 1 guess! Hahaha… ?‍♂️

yeah, I have system for the first couple of words.  if my first word doesn't hit one of the vowels, today's word and a few others are my standard guess to figure out what the vowels are.

Lucky that of the 5-6 words I would normally use in that spot I picked the right one.  So lucky but educated guess.

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