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"The Boys" Mafia - Season 2 - GAME OVER, CONSPIRACY WINS

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5 hours ago, Barry McCockinner said:

ya'll ever had a house built? I'm doing it for the first time right now. Cool experience overall, but a lot of BS to deal with man!

Hope you didn't hire Saleh's contractor 

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14 hours ago, The Crusher said:

3rd times a charm they say! What’s up brother? 

How’s it going man? Hope you’ve all been well

9 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

Just when I thought Mafia might truly be dead, AVM shows up mother f**kers!!!



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2 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

Thanks for your hard hitting contributions.

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It’s page 2 on a Sunday. The game never got out of the starting blocks and you’re brain damage casts a huge shadow on the dynamics of play.

My foot in your ass is the analysis you deserve.

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News of Homelander’s return spread quickly after Vought’s press release, which of course failed to explain what caused his mysterious disappearance in the first place. But at this point, it didn’t matter. With Supe Terrorists causing chaos overseas, panic on the mainland had reached a fever pitch, and Homelander, great American hero that he is, was a sight for sore eyes..

Or at least he was, until a couple of days later when cell phone footage leaked out of him lasering a hole through the stomach of an innocent civilian while indiscriminately taking out a terrorist


To make matters worse, now young congressional upstart Victoria Neuron was inserting herself into the situation.


“Congress needs to act,” she said. “Homelander and Vought act with impunity, bringing destruction at home and abroad with no oversight whatsoever. The people need to make their voices heard! That’s why this WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9th AT 7:00 EST, we are holding a protest in the town square to call for the government to hold these killers accountable!”



DEADLINE: WEDNESDAY AT 7:00 (can change time if that doesn’t work for a bunch of you)


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