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Robinson is also the guy Id like to see us end up with.  Low milage and the size to really be a thumper in the second half of games and especially in the cold weather.

Pro style skill set coming from Alabama which should prepare him well for the NFL

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23 minutes ago, clayton163v said:

Kyren Williams (ideal third down back - he can block and catch - but no long speed and is stuck between the tackles as a runner as he cannot run laterally)

Maybe Williams falls into the 3rd after a disappointing 40 time. I love him as a player. High football IQ and a born leader. Sneaky fast with great hands and a solid blocker

Kyren Williams was a force in Notre Dame‘s offense the last two seasons and is one of the most talented running backs the Fighting Irish have had in quite some time.  However, his showing at the NFL combine didn’t do him any favors ahead of the draft.

Williams measured in at 5-9, 194-pounds, perhaps a little lighter than NFL teams would like.  His hand size of nine-inches is a half-inch bigger than Pitt quarterback Kenny Pickett for whatever that is worth.

Williams ran his 40-yard dash in a disappointing 4.65 seconds, the slowest of any running back to run on Friday night.  His vertical leap of 32 inches and broad jump of 9 feet, 8 inches left some to be desired.

Williams turned into a fascinating case study in terms of his draft selection with this.  Anyone who watches his film sees a player who is clearly strong as a bull and can do anything he’s asked to – catch the ball out of the backfield, take on pass rushers, show elite balance and so on.

How much will the poor showing at the combine hurt Williams?  A lot of pressure has certainly been now put on him at Notre Dame’s pro day in April but after strong showings by other top backs in this draft, Williams certainly did himself no favors Friday.

Notre Dame Football


showing his speed @Kyrenwilliams23 clocks a 4.54 on the 40 #GoIrish



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I like Breece Hall.  He wouldn't be there to block, he's there it run and catch passes.  Find a blocking back in UDFA or use one of our previous scrub RB picks like Perine for blocking.

With that said, Tyler Allgeier of BYU (nice Wilson tie-in) might be a steal in the 5th or so.  We're looking to compliment Carter in a 1-2 punch, not replace him.

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4 hours ago, clayton163v said:

We all know we need one and I have reviewed them   All have warts only one offers a complete game.  That guy is Brian Robinson. 

Breece Hall is a good fit for a zone scheme but cannot block which I cannot stomach.  Too expensive too.   Kenneth Walker a poor fit as he cannot run laterally.   Spiller?  Cannot block but is otherwise a good fit.  Dameon Pierce?  Cannot run laterally.   Zamir White?  Two ACLs, too many fumbles and he cannot block.  Cook?  Can't block at all.  A true matador.  So who is a good fit for us?

Brian Robinson (see below), Kyren Williams (ideal third down back - he can block and catch - but no long speed and is stuck between the tackles as a runner as he cannot run laterally), Rachaad White "ideal back for a zone blocking scheme" "adds a dangerous element to the passing game" but cannot block at all, Hassan Haskins - a one cut runner for a "zone running scheme" but a poor blocker.

So that leaves Brian Robinson.  Why him?  Long speed?  No but a 4.5 at 225 is not bad.  He is a "between the tackles bruiser".   Unlike the others he is a finished product for the pro game.  He has "enough twitch to miss tacklers in short spaces".  He also has "enough ball skills to factor as a pass catcher".   But where he shines is when the play gets changed and the call is "MAX PROTECT".  None of our current backs can stay home and protect Zach.  Says Ourlads :

"Elite blocker with the right mindset and fully capable skill  set.  One pop isn't good enough for him.  Will stay on his man and take pride in pushing him out of the play."  Those of you  who read Ourlads know that they toss out the "ELITE" word like a manhole cover.  It is seldom bestowed and actually exists when they use  it.  He is the only guy in the draft who will reliably protect Zach.  He is an ideal fit for the zone scheme and we need a large back to replace Perine who must fight for his job this season.  I covet him and hope the Jets do too.  Ourlads give him a 3d round grade.  I hope we get him at 111 or 117. 

Zach needs him and so do we.



Robinson sounds a lot like Perine.   Big and well rounded, can run catch and block.   But not a player the defense prepares for.

Id rather draft a great runner and athlete and teach him to block.   If he comes out of the game bc he cant block, he will pick it up quickly.   Blocking is coachable    Size ,speed and good hands are not.   

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