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fulltime Ayahuasca salesman, part time NFL QB A-A-Ron Rodgers says Zach sucks, our D is stacked, and our O becoming legit. He comin'


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On 1/26/2023 at 9:35 AM, Larz said:

All the other ideas about [a] trade and whatnot, that's all conjecture until I decide what I want to do moving forward for myself," Rodgers said.

Last summer, Rodgers said he "definitely" planned to finish his career with the Packers. Last week on McAfee's show, he left the door open for other possibilities.

"I hope there's some gratitude on both sides if that happens," Rodgers said Tuesday. "But again, that doesn't open the door for any conjecture, honestly, on my side. And I'm not saying that to be cryptic. I've got to figure out what I want to do, and then we'll see where all the parties at and what kind of transpires after that."

I dunno.  The basic idea is he hasn’t made up his mind about playing. That’s not thrilling to say the least. Then the issue is can the jets get him in the building before June 1 ?  Not thrilled with that either. 

If he wants to play another year I think he stays in Green Bay and tries to get more offensive weapons for a final run. 

On 1/26/2023 at 10:13 AM, T0mShane said:

He’s such a douche. This is going to be AMAZING

Why does that make him a douche?  Isn't this all contingent on his decision of whether or not to keep playing?


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1 hour ago, Rich Thornburgh said:

After a full regular season of Zach Wilson/Hackett we will all need heroin

If you were making a movie about a loser football coach, this is basically straight out of central casting.

Would be hard to top this even if you were trying to.

Looks like an SNL skit except it’s real.


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On 1/24/2023 at 4:16 PM, BornJetsFan1983 said:

look i dont know if hes coming here. I very much doubt he leave Green bay, BUT. Man I wouldnt mind if he was a jet  for a couple years.

he said it all,,, win inside pocket aka balls and brains to go thru 4 reads on route tree even as pocket collapsing.

Zach just doesnt have the Progression read skills needed and I dont see it ever getting to level it needs to be. 

I think Montana once said you have the progression read skills coming into NFL. Other things can be coached but you need to have the game IQ by time you get to pros to feel comfortable in pocket and learn a playbook to go thru 4 reads at a fast pace.

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