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128's AF2 Thread


Who Should Be The Starting QB For The Albany Firebirds  

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  1. 1. Who Should Be The Starting QB For The Albany Firebirds

    • Neal Sharma
    • Stephen Wasil
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I was bored today so i sent some messages on facebook to some nfl players on facebook

surprise some wrote back

so enjoy

Seppo Evwaraye OL For the vikings

me -What are the rules of the international practice squad what are the rules to it

i heard you can't even get promoted to the active roster

so how do you get on the active roster


him-Im guarenteed to a spot on the practise squad and the pay that comes with it for one year. I cant be promoted to the active roster this year. After the season the team can opt to offer me a real contract which would make me just like everyone else. There would be no more protection but If I make the team I get to play and get paid NFL-salary (295,000 for rookies) rather than practise squad money (79,900).

me-thanks for the quick responce

good luck

how you liking the vikings

him-No problem. Other than the losing I dont mind it at all. I get paid handsomely for not much work( 3 practises a week).

me-1 more thing what do you think of brooks being a jets fan i have met him a couple of times at training camp he is a nice guy

NO responce yet

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JETS CB -Manny Collins

me-big jets fan just wanted to say welcome back

him-Hey thanks my dude

me-i have a question

if you say no i understand

but would you like to do a chat at the main jets sites on the web


or could you register and just say hi to the fans

at 1-8 we need something cool to happen the websites are not hopping that much

him-I'm usually not on the computer to much like that my dude. On the same token, im usually busy between those times watching film and practicing during those times. My fault man.

me-understand we need some wins lets finish 8-8

one more thing what do you think about hofstra

i am mad there leaving in 2009

NO responce yet

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me-Why did I just read this?

Because you were hoping to see something like:

me - Do you like Big Brother?

him - What the hell is your problem. Stay the hell away from me!

me- Im just asking will you come and do a chat on Jetnation

him - I've notified the FBI

me- They won't find me because I can hide in bushes.

Because let's face it, he'd actually post it if something like that did happen.

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Every time I read one of JR128's threads I praise the lord I was brought up in the 60's and the 70's.

This kid is going to college, HAHAHA!

Who knows what the criteria is for college these days. It's certainly not intelligence and competence. It's probably mostly just memorization since teachers like to think they're geniuses. JR128 might not be able to write intelligent posts, but he certainly can repeat what he hears in lecture I'm sure.

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Conquest first-year coach is left stewing

Bye comes at bad time for frustrated Hoffman

By TIM WILKIN, Staff writer

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First published: Wednesday, April 2, 2008

ALBANY -- Jeff Hoffman, the first-year head coach of the Albany Conquest, was holed up in a room with his assistant coaches for most of Monday.

The room was dark because the film projector was running the game film of the Conquest's 59-33 loss to Mahoning Valley from Saturday night. It wasn't a film they enjoyed very much.

The Conquest started the arenafootball2 season out in predictable style.

Albany is coming off four straight losing seasons; why should this one be any different?

That's just what Hoffman doesn't want to hear. He was mad. He was ticked off. He was disappointed. He was frustrated.

He was hired to turn the franchise around. So far, no good.

Hoffman will have to wait a while before he gets the chance to get a positive vibe. The quirky af2 schedule gives the Conquest a bye in week No. 2.

Albany opens the home portion of the season on Sunday, April 13 at 4 p.m., against the Peoria Pirates at Times Union Center.

"We want to win the next game," Hoffman said. "We need to win the next game. I don't want to be 0-2. I want to win and I am expected to win."

Hoffman wasn't upset with everything the Conquest did in the opener. He was happy with quarterback Dan Cole, who threw for 276 yards and four touchdowns.

He was happy with wide receiver Jared Jones, who had two touchdown receptions among his 11 catches and picked up 139 yards.

"If you look at what we did in the first half, I could not have scripted it any better," Hoffman said. "We were on the road, playing a good team and we were up by three (26-23) at halftime. We scored first in the third to go up 10."

It all faded to black after that. Mahoning Valley outscored the Conquest 36-0 the rest of the way. Hoffman wasn't happy to see Cole running for his life and getting sacked four times.

Hoffman said he likes his personnel but he may bring in new players, particularly on the offensive line.

"If I have to bring in new people to challenge the guys already here, I'll do that," Hoffman said. "We have to get better. Competition is good for players. We will learn from that first game. We have two choices. We can feel sorry for ourselves or correct what went wrong. If you look at the game, the final score is more disastrous than the reality."

They aren't playing on the second week of the season. that makes no sense. they expect 5000 people to show up


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The NEW YORK DRAGONS clinch a National Conference playoff spot with the following scenarios:

1) New York Dragons win + Orlando Predators loss

2) New York Dragons win + Tampa Bay Storm loss

3) New York Dragons win + New Orleans VooDoo loss by two-or-more points + Georgia Force win + Cleveland Gladiators win

you know i wish they can clinch at home but if they do it this weekend it is also good

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A Win in Dallas and Some Help Around the League Can Secure Playoff Spot for New York

The New York Dragons can clinch a playoff spot this weekend when they take on the Dallas Desperados on Saturday, June 14th at 8pm.

The Dragons are currently sitting in fourth place in the National Conference at 8-6 with two games left to play. New Orleans and Cleveland are also 8-6, but the Dragons hold the head-to-head tiebreaker over both of those teams based on the regular season results.

If the Dragons beat Dallas and either Tampa Bay loses to San Jose or Orlando loses to New Orleans, New York will clinch its third playoff spot in four years and fifth since moving to New York in 2001.

The Dragons can also clinch with a win over Dallas and a New Orleans loss by more than two points, coupled with a Georgia win and a Cleveland win.

One thing is for sure, the race for the 12 playoff spots will be close all the way up until the end of the season. Heading into Week 16, 16 of the 17 teams are still in playoff contention.

Six teams from each conference qualify for the playoffs, with the two division winners from each getting first round byes. The third ranked team will host the sixth ranked team, and the fourth ranked team will host the fifth ranked team in the Wild Card round.

After starting the season 1-4, the Dragons have won seven of their last nine, turning their season around.

You can catch the Dragons as they try to clinch this Saturday, June 14th at 8pm EST on ESPN360.com or tune in to 1050 ESPN Radio with Peter Schwartz and Wayne Morris or listen online at www.1050espnradio.com.

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