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JN Mafia Game 2: Dawn of The Dead Edition


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I agree that the fact that we were told that the game was going to be simple affected the game itself. Maybe not so much to the guys who were involved in the complex roles but for a roleless innocent like myself it all started to get pretty ****ed up. It was hard to know what to think at times. It was very well done I just wish I could have been aware how complex the game was going to be.

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How did the outcome match with what you were thinking as you read along?

Also, IMO new people should always get precedent as far as the next game... you'll have a spot.

Hopefully Sharrow will jump in too.

Maybe a simpler game is in order. Maybe a total disaster.

Well...I read CTM pretty well (though not the traitor part, just as scum). BG though? Completely had me fooled. I felt very confident Crusher was one of the "good guys," which among other things led me to think JVOR was the last zombie (sorry bud, lol).

BG--well played man. You had me fooled along with everyone else.

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