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JN Mafia Game 2: Dawn of The Dead Edition


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Two days ago, the news was on every channel.

Dr. Max, the head scientist at JN Laboratories, best known for his anti-troll vaccination, had been murdered.

But, by whom? Or, perhaps more appropriately, by what? Investigators found his lab trashed and his lifeless body. “I’ve never seen this kind of carnage”, the homicide detective said to millions on the 6 o’clock news.

Today… There is no television.

“They are inside with us”, is the cry that can be heard from the crowd.

16 people barricaded themselves in a mall seeking shelter from the pandemic. Zombies, surviving on the brain matter of the living, are terrorizing the city.

The group decides that you must vote to behead, the only way to kill a zombie, one person each day, until they are all dead.

Roles are being sent out now: DO NOT POST UNTIL I OFFICIALLY BEGIN THE GAME.

RULES: (As per Doggin, with the exception of time and random lynch. In this game, a majority must be reached)

Format: We will be running a normal mafia format with lynches during the day and night actions during the night. Night will end when I receive all night actions – so if you have a night action available but choose not to use it, please PM me to tell me “no Night Action”.

Phase: A phase is either Day or Night (in most cases), where Days usually involved voting for lynches and Nights usually involve submitting night actions, such as Night Kills. There are some powers that can only be used during the Day phase, and some can be used during both Day and Night phases.

Cycle: A complete Day and Night cycle, like Day 1 and Night 1 together make up a complete cycle. Some powers last for a complete cycle while others only for that particular phase.

Actions: All Day and Night actions will occur instantly, unless otherwise specified. This means that two people night-killing each other will both die (unless one is saved somehow) . Any action not submitted by the deadline will be forfeit for that phase and I will only accept the first action submitted. Once you send in your action, that’s it! (No take backs!) So be sure of your decision! I'm here to talk it through if you need help. I will keep the Night phases open until deadline unless I receive all potential actions available for that phase, but will close the Day when a majority has been reached even if people have unused Day Actions. If you do not wish to use your action during a particular phase, please send me a PM stating that your intention to not use it so that I can cross you off the list.

Day Actions: Read your Role Assignment carefully! You may have an available action that can be performed during the Day phase. If you have any questions about your powers and abilities, don't hesitate to ask me about it.

Night Actions: These are actions that can only be submitted during the night phase. Most night actions should specifically state that it can only be used each night, but if you have any questions about this, please contact me immediately.

Communication: You are not allowed to communicate about this game to anyone outside this game thread, unless specifically authorized.

Inactivity: There is no official penalty for inactivity; however, any good mafia player knows that the less active the player, the more likely they are to be the next on the chopping block. So do your part to participate, you will not regret it. If you drop off entirely, or need to, let me know and I will try to replace you if at all possible. Some of you I have already spoken with about this, so if you suddenly find yourself unable to keep up, simply notify me and we can work something out.

Dead Player Posts: FORBIDDEN! If your player dies, you get one death reaction post that cannot contain any game information other than an ACK! I DIED!!! GO INNOCENTS or something.

Editing Posts: Absolutely Forbidden. If you want to change something you said, quote yourself and correct it – but this is like high school. Once you post something on the thread, it goes on your permanent record.

Quoting the Mod/Revealing Mod Pics: You may not quote anything I say in PM. You can paraphrase all you like – or lie about it, of course – but you may not post a “quote” from me in an attempt to prove your bona fides

Invisibility: It is not a requirement, but is to your advantage to use invisible mode.


1. Doggin94it

2. Thor99

3. Irish Jet

4. War Ensemble

5. shutout

6. WoodyPaige

7. Crusher

8. Jets Things

9. SMC

10. Vicious98x

11. CTM

12. Norway

13. JiF

14. JetsBabe

15. Bleedin' Green

16. JVOR

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vote ViciousX for joking about the prior games posting requirements before I was able to, making this seem even more lame then it would've been:

Q: What do you call a judge with no thumbs?

A: Justice Fingers.

j/k ;)

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FOS: Irish

As awesome as Shaun of the Dead is, there is no way it even comes close to the original Dawn of the Dead. Dawn is probably the single best Horror movie ever made.

"When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth...and post on JetNation"

(Note, that was not part of any post responsibility, just crowbarring in a Dawn quote)

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I couldn't agree more. You may've had to type it, but I had to actually read it. Ugh.

At least you were able to vote for him/slice the top of his head off. Those of us reading the thread and not in the game had no way to fight back against such an annoying requirement.

CTM's was ok until he ran out of really bad jokes (the ones you can't help but laugh at how bad they are) and had to start posting really,really,really, like Max-bad jokes.

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vote: Vicious

He's number 10 on the roster. Need I say more? (Not to Chan, SMC or Yellin, that's for sure :biggrin:)

Is 10 actually a common spot for Mods to choose zombie scum? The last game was the first time I'd ever even heard of it.

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CTM's was ok until he ran out of really bad jokes (the ones you can't help but laugh at how bad they are) and had to start posting really,really,really, like Max-bad jokes.

lol.. the worst part of that role was that the whole time I was playing I head an irresistible urge to post a joke anytime I posted in a different thread..

Not to mention vicious at least had a sweet benefit to his role. CTM's was a completely gimped role. Not even neutral.

Word. The worst part was not being able to role reveal and being an obvious Fozzie. I would've liked to play that game by forcing all the mob members to make up roles..

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