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Dolphins Trade Ted Ginn Jr to 49ers


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Per Jay Glazer's Twitter page


Dolphins have traded ted ginn jr to the 49ers. Details to come http://myloc.me/64MWM


Dolphins send Ted Ginn to San Fran

Posted by Mike Florio on April 16, 2010 1:04 PM ET

With Brandon Marshall in Miami, one of the current wideouts on the team was no longer needed.

Enter Ted Ginn. Or, actually, exit.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that Ginn has been traded to the 49ers for a 2010 late-round draft pick. It's a fairly dramatic plunge for a guy who was the ninth overall pick in the 2007 draft.

Ginn never really caught on with the Dolphins, due primarily to an inability to, you know, catch. But he has compelling skills in the return game; on the same day that reports surfaced of former Dolphins great Bob Kuechenberg calling Ginn an "embarrassment and a coward," Ginn returned two kickoffs for touchdowns in an upset win over the Jets.

The performance secured for Ginn not only AFC special teams player of the week honors, but also the conference player of the month crown.

In San Fran, he'll boost the return game and, if Michael Crabtree becomes a special player, enjoy plenty of Alvin Harper-style attention in the passing game.

The only remaining question is whether he'll continue to drop his chances to become a complete wideout.

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Miami fans must feal better than Knick fans when Ed Tapscott drafted Franch Toast in the 1st and was gone the next year. At least the Fins get a pick for Ginn while the Knicks got nothing for him.

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You know, even though the guy hadn't lived up to billing by some, you had to respect his speed when he was on the field. By trading him away, the fins have taken a hit big time in not having he and Marshall on the field at the same time.

And a shout out to me and the rest of the people that saiad Ginn was going to be a bust from day one.:toot:

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say what you will but no other single player hurt the Jets more than Ginn last year

I agree with you, SoFla. Said so with my first post in the thread:

Awesome! He won both games against us for Miami last year. I'll miss seeing him drop passes the other 14 weeks of the season, but this is good news for Jets fans!

Marshall's an infinitely better WR than Ginn, but Ginn's speed gives the Jets (read: Revis) more headaches than Marshall's physicality.

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You guys should be happy with this. As bad as Ginn was at times, he killed you guys. However, a 5th is probably the best we were gonna get and obviously this regime felt they couldn't utulize his speed. He was an above average kick returner though.

Yep. Now you guys dont stand a chane.

Me thinks the Jets utter dominance of the Dolphags has just returned with Ginn's departure.


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