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Which pre-draft newcomer will have the biggest impact?


Which Pre-Draft Newcomer will have the Biggest Impact?  

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  1. 1. Which Pre-Draft Newcomer will have the Biggest Impact?

    • CB Antonio Cromartie
    • WR Santonio Holmes
    • RB LaDainian Tomlinson
    • DE/OLB Jason Taylor
    • S Brodney Poole
    • K Nick Folk
    • OTHER (specify in thread)

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And yes, you CAN factor in Santonio's 4-game suspension into the equation. Sorry, Rodrique Wright fans, but he falls in the OTHER category if you like him the most.

NOTE: I am aware that I misspelled Brodney Pool's name. Sorry! Mods, if you are able to edit it, please do.

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Well, we'd have to wait until July to get him, and the poll clearly states "PRE-DRAFT" newcomers. ;)

He's the biggest fa that i want and will probably be the biggest impact we have. As far as what we have now, I think LT will be. I don't think Greene is going to be healthy all year and LT is going to have to carry a big load.

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Jason Taylor. When getting off blocks to make plays in one-on-one situations Taylor is still among the best in the biz. This 3-4 Defense will allow that to be very often so this will not only help with the defensive front but it'll make our secondary MUCH more dangerous. his contribution will be paramount to an already dominate defense.

Love'em or hate'em but I'll say it again, Jason Taylor is the key to the most dominate defense the Jets have EVER put together....especially if he gets anywhere close to the 15 sacks that the jets are tooting around.

This year is going to be soooo serious. Teams will be lucky to score 14 points in a game against us.

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Cromartie leading easily, and I'd say deservedly so. He's the one player we've added who, if we'd had him last season, would have given us the best chance to take that next step and beat the Colts in the AFC Title game. At no other position have we made a bigger upgrade than Cromartie taking the place of Lito. And unlike Santonio, he's not going to be MIA the 1st 4 games.

He'll allow Rex to get even MORE creative with his blitz packages and how he lines up our secondary in coverage.

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