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Resident Evil Mafia - Game Over - Zombies live to terrorize the city


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Provided that Player was right about the CL and zombies not being able to throw the healing darts:

1. Ishy - (used a shot D2, so he can't be a CL)

2. Verbal - possible CL

3. JC - possible CL

4. Darthe - he claimed a town-looking shot N2, he might have been bitten at the same time, but he can't be the CL

5. Hally - Town (shot confirmed D3)

6. Lily - confirmed zombie (by 80 and Operative)

7. Pac - possible CL

8. 80 - Town, came back with info

9. Player - Town (shot confirmed D3)

10. salami - Town (body armour confirmed N2)

13. Crusher - Town (body armour confirmed, bitten and cured N2 - 80 confirms the bite and I confirm the cure)

80 claims that he was was bitten D2/N1 by Lily (would have to check the actual timing of the posts).

80 claims that he has bitten Crusher N2 (csarmi claims that JiF used his cure on Crusher N2).

Lily claimed a bite for N2 (she may or may not be lying).

The Operative claims that his alignment can't be changed.

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Should't we just link the Kill DM Newfags QT here? Maybe 80 could explain what he found sucpicious on JC.

I can buy JC being the CL btw, one of his posts earlier pinged me bigtime. I think the one suggesting Crusher as the likely recruit.

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Damn......sh*t got real.  I'm not the CL.  I'm happy to be run up tomorrow, but my armor would make it a waste of a lynch, and I don't think we have time for that.  Up to you guys, really.


My best guesses for CL are JC or Pac.  I don't really have a good case on JC, so I'd lean Pac more.  He talked about not having any conversations with anybody for a while there, which I don't believe.  I'm pretty sure everyone had something going on.

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