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Dolphins players turning on Joe Philbin


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Tannehill isn't the sole reason the Fins suck, but he's not helping
Last week, we wrote our declaration that Ryan Tannehill is not the answer at QB this team has been looking for all these years. It took only a week, but it looks like everyone else is coming around to seeing it our way. O HAI TODAY'S SUN SENTINEL.

Yet coming off a week when he took the blame for his own crappiness, Tannehill came out on Sunday and did pretty much absolutely nothing to dispel the notion that he's just not very good. What's worse, Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith -- who is the walking definition of the middling quarterback -- downright made Tannehill look like a bucket of piss in comparison. Where Smith was decisive and sharp, Tannehill seemed befuddled and out of his element. When Tannehill wasn't hitting his targets, he was staring down receivers. And when he couldn't find open receivers, he stood around looking for one until a Kansas City linebacker eventually sacked him. Tannehill lacks the inner clock and overall pretense a successful QB needs. Whether that was knocked out of him last year when he was sacked roughly 7,947 times, we'll never truly know. Either way, something's missing.



Wow, that is harsh. lol

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Wow, that is harsh. lol


yeah this "writer" pretty much lays the hammer down in every article i see of his.....dont think he is particularly liked by Dolphins fans





Also, he does these "10 reasons why so-and so;s fans sucks leading up to that weeks opponent....last week it was the chiefs, week before was the Bills







Guys is basically a troll, the Bills fans bombarded his twitter apparently....also the comments in the article are class.....be prepared for the reason why Jets fans suck article....maybe we should preemptively destroy him on twitter


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and then there is this....lmfao






Well, this should be a fun trip to London for the Dolphins this week.

During his press conference today, Dolphins coach Joe Philbin refused to commit to former first-rounder Ryan Tannehill for their game against the Raiders at Wembley Stadium.

After some early hedging, Philbin was asked specifically if Tannehill would start against the Raiders.

We’ll decide our game plan before we leave to play Oakland,” Philbin replied, via Andrew Abramson of the Palm Beach Post.

The No. 8 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft — selected by a guy who no longer works there — Tannehill has slumped this season.

Tannehill helped them to a win over the Patriots in the opener, but his numbers this season are well off his previous pace. He’s only completing 56.5 percent of his passes, and his passer rating his declined each week to get him to 74.1 for the year.

The option is Matt Moore, and Philbin did everything he could to provide no clarity. Asked if the two were competing this week for the job, Philbin replied: “we’ll utilize the players the best way we see fit.”

Tannehill has shown flashes of competence, but nothing about him suggests that he’s going to be anything more than an average NFL quarterback, at best. Moore has shown similar flashes, and lighting a fire under the starter can’t hurt at this stage.

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You know how I know Ryan Tannehill sucks? JiF thinks he's good. 


Chad Henne, Josh Freeman, Mike Glennon, Ryan Tannehill. If there is a QB who plays for the Bucs or Dolphins, JiF completely overrates him for some odd reason. 


Don't forget about Garrard.  Holy sh*t does he love that guy.

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