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JetNation Only Fanduel 1 Week League. 1st Place = $350


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Check this out, we have another Fan Duel league going this week. Last week someone from JetNation won $100. And that was Gastineau Lives and he should be pretty easy to beat. :)


Anyhow here is the league, $10 to enter with this prize money. The top 16 people will win $25 on a $10 investment. Last week I don't think even 16 people entered.


  • 1st:$350.00
  • 2nd:$250.00
  • 3rd:$100.00
  • 5th - 16th:$25.00

Here is the league for this week --> https://www.fanduel.com/e/Game/NFL_Salary_Cap_10834/view?tableId=6720364&showTableInvite=true&btag=a_887b_309c_


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This is definitely true this time? I can get some more people in I'm sure so they let us keep doing these. I got a bunch to play that first week but they where pissed when it.went public


Yes. Week one was a mess, but they apologized and started it up again last week (as Gastineau Lives said below)!

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There were only like nine entries totally 90 bucks. I have no idea how or why they would make all the payouts. I made more than the total cash that was put in.


They are trying to build some momentum. They gave me that league on Friday night, so we didn't have much time to promote it. This week should be more people. But it is still good for us, especially with much better payout!

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No seriously, Phil. There is no prize for fourth place.

350 for 1st

250 for 2nd

100 for 3rd

300 for 5th to 16th (12 spots at 25 each)



Fourth place is getting nothing

They messed up creating the tournament.

I will get them to make 4th place $25. If they font pay it I will.

Now I'm hoping I finish in 4th lol.

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that god awful Kaep call at the end of the game (should have been a TD) is going to cost me.


Me too.


Frankly, his whole performance. Him blowing up that STL sh*t secondary was all part of my plan. I had originally had Big Ben and Martavis in my lineup and tinkered on Sunday ******* morning. Cost me some cashola because I was worried about overloading on Steelers in a division slugfest.

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Why does 4th place not pay according to Fanduel?


It was a glitch. It will pay $25, we posted that before the league went off. Angelo pointed it out to us....


There were like 34 entries. I finished 31 and 33.  Took Nick Foles and Peyton on my two teams lol.

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