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Seems Like We Open With ...


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Start the year by beating Pettine and close the year by beating Rex.

Sounds good to me!

Love we get to start off home vs Cleveland. Bowles Era starts off with a win, our D will dominate McCown or whoever else they'll throw out there, and we get to kick Petine's ass all at the same time!

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45 years.  Watched Super Bowl lll.  The schedule release is always a great day!

Every year I'm always optimistic for the new Jets season.  


Then you have suffered enough pain through the years to know that there is no such thing as a sure thing where the Jets are concerned.  I'm always optimistic too, but.........

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The Browns are a mess!

We kicked their azzes when we sucked. No Gordon, no Cameron, I mean seriously?

Ok, they have a decent defense.

And if they move up & grab Mariota can you see the Browns starting him, on the road, vs a top 5 defense?

Whoever starts at QB for us in this game just has to protect the ball.

My guess is that Manziel won't be ready and if he is talk about a mismatch!

Our Dline chasing him while Revis covers half the field & the rest of our defense is looking for TOs.

McCown might not get through this game. Now that Bowles has his posse in the secondary he's gonna let the dogs out all over the place!

Calling it right now, Coples 1st 4 sack game! No way in hell with Revis, Cro, Skrine back there will we ever see Coples back pedal again.

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Agreed. I always feel like our early season sched puts us behind the 8 ball. Opening home against Cleveland gives us a good chance to start the season off with a W.... then again I am sure Browns fans are saying the same thing about opening against the Jets. 

We won game 1 last year and the year before....  just sayin.  and yes..no one fears us.

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The one thing we knew for sure last year is that our Dline was very good.

The one thing we know for sure this year is that we got back the best CB in football.

Plus we brought back Cro, signed Skrine, 2 guys that are "above average" CBs.

Any QB is going to find it difficult to go 80 yards on this revamped defense, especially neophytes like Manziel, EJ Manuel & the like.

Older backups like McCown & Cassell don't have the movement skills to avoid our pass rush.

Outside of Brady, Romo, Luck, we don't play any top QBs.

Eli is more of a clutch QB when he has an elite defense getting him the ball for rhythm.

So, the Jets just need to reduce TOs, create more, and get 2-3 upsets to make the playoffs. Completely doable.

If the Colts haven't fixed their run defense then they can be beaten. I believe their redzone defense was one of the worst in the league last year too.

When you take into account that the Jets were 3rd in stopping the run last year & now you strengthen the secondary with good tacklers in Revis/Skrine & Gilchrist, the run defense will be even better.

The Patriots defense overwhelmed the Colts Oline last year? Are you telling me that the Jets Dline isn't better than the Pats?

Bowles will be studying the Pats vs Colts tapes because it's such a mismatch. I think Brady hands off 35 times vs the Colts.

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