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Let's see if there's interest in this.  Kind of a twist on the "Word association" thread.  Here's the idea...

We start by posting a GIF and the search word used to find it using the [GIF] button.  The next poster looks at the GIF and uses the first thing that comes to mind when he/she sees it to do another GIF search with that word and posts any one of the top 6 GIFs that appear in the list.  Example:


west side story jets GIF


I see the above posted and now I do a GIF search based on what I see.  In this case, dancing comes to mind.

I then post what I searched for and one of the top 6 GIFs that the search returned.



Excited Marcus Peters GIF by Los Angeles Rams



Any takers?


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48 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:


Awesome.  Thanks for getting us started.

I searched for psychedelic. 


 video distort GIF by Psyklon

I searched for a Vyncint gif but could only find Vincent Vega ones. Plus I’m a moron and don’t know how to embed it. 


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2 minutes ago, Peace Frog said:


Do you see that button on the right above when you're replying to a post?  Just click that [GIF] button and you get a search window.

Kudos on Vyncint!  He's going to be the next Jieryy Rice!

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