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Rams trading Brandin Cooks to the Texans

King P

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7 minutes ago, JiF said:

It's absolutely amazing how some of these guys get jobs.  This is some of the dumbest sh*t I've ever seen.  Guess what's going to happen next?  Watson hit FA because he doesnt want to tie his career to Bill O'Brien.


I really hope Deshaun gets out of there.  It’s not in his nature to be vocal about his contract or demand a trade so I hope his agent does his dirty work.  I’d hate to see him waste away with O’Brien.  

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5 minutes ago, rangerous said:

i don't know about this one.  i guess they had to do something to replace hopkins but this latest deal isn't going to do it.  i don't see this as an addition by subtraction type of scene. i suppose there's other stuff going on that lead obrien to deal hopkins.

Correct.  It's O'Brien's massive ego that's been going on.  And its going to end up with Watson shooting his way out of town.

They needed to be doing everything possible to support their franchise QB and keep him happy.  They've been doing the exact opposite this offseason.

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11 hours ago, GREENBEAN said:

He would have done better to use that 2nd on one of the 6' 2" WR's in the draft. This is really a very bad move.  And I like Cooks. 

I like Cooks A LOT but I get leery when he goes from team to team each year. You're absolutely correct that O'Brien would have been better off keeping that 2nd for a WR in the draft. Better value.

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5 hours ago, Jetster said:

More WRs for us to choose from in the draft. Cooks disappeared in the Super Bowl vs Pats & Gilmore. I want bigger, faster WRs & this draft is LOADED! Texans are at MUST WIN mode & they're not even that good. Watt has been constantly injured & is damaged goods, Hopkins gone, Jets will have a better record next year, have a better defense, and Obrien is SO overrated it isn't funny. 

To be fair, the last two teams to trade for him went to the SB that very season. 

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17 hours ago, sec101row23 said:

He’s one of the more head scratching in game head coaches in the league, and maybe, now that Maccagnan is gone, probably the worst GM in the league.  

lets be real, he's probably a worst GM than Mac.. Mac was bad, but he at least got good value in trades lol if O'Brien took a gamble on a WR who put up 109 catches for 1500 yds and 14 tds for a 5th rd pick he'd at least have done something to improve the team.  Instead he gave up the 2nd best WR in the game possibly for a burnt out extremely over priced RB and a 2nd which he basically then flipped for a WR who has been traded 4 timeIts now? and is one hit away from being done.  

Its crazy, Watson must just be home in quarantine counting the days until he can hit FA

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