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Here is a conversation they are having in the banned members forum.

I’m telling you we should have drafted Brian Brohm even if it meant taking him at 6....there was’nt a flaw in his game..

i glad we had chad instead

You are stupid and big brother is gay...

you are banned so **** you

**** you both.

seriously, you should try out for big brother, but if you don't like big brother, why do you continue to talk about it.

just face it:

the sovereign six (plus two) > you

**** me? You weight a buck twenty five, and you're talking ****? I will kick your ass and steal your woman.

First, I weigh more than 125 pounds. I weigh 140. And I can even bench press 150 so that's more then my weight.

Second, she'd never be with you anyway. You can dream that's it. Dream you have a life first bitch.

Dude, I've already ****ed her. Why do you think she walks that way?

Why do you think she's with a little guy now?

Ever make fun of her prosthetic foot again and I'll **** you up.

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