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"The Boys" Mafia - Season 1 - Game Over.. TOWN WINS!

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It seemed like years ago now when he met her on that park bench. Of course, he didn't know at the time who she was; who she REALLY was. But after Robin's death, she gave him someone to talk to. Someone who wasn't trying to persuade him to plant a bug in The Seven Tower. Someone who didn't plant a bomb up a supe's ass and make him pull the trigger. No, just someone complaining about how their exciting new job was actually just a load of bullsh*t. A thing anyone could relate to. A normal, regular conversation.


When he saw her at the "Race of the Century", the circumstances were much different. The plan was to split up to tail the supes, hopefully find a lead into Compound V. Hughie was posing as a reporter, and his faked press badge was good enough to get him up close and personal with the newest member of The Seven, the beautiful -- Annie??


How didn't he realize it before? The girl from the park bench that he had such a regular conversation with in the midst of his world crumbling around him wasn't regular at all. She was a supe. And not just any supe. Starlight, member of The Seven.




"'Ow many times I gotta tell ya Hughie?," Butcher said. "The on'y good supe's a dead supe. She'll take yer head right off your twinky lil shoulders once she finds out you killed Translucent."


"You're the one who told me to talk to her! To pump her for info!"


"I think yer pumpin her for just a wee bit more than info lad. Tell me, do her eyes light up when she --"


"You're wrong about her. She hates Vought too. She's on our side"




"Hughie, you have to go into hiding. Homelander knows you killed Translucent! I can't protect you from him, no one can!" Starlight said.


"Wait, what? How did he find out"


"I don't know but you have to leave. Now! What were you thinking breaking into the Seven Tower anyway? He could be here any minute!"


"We're this close to blowing the lid off the Compound V story! Look at these documents! Vought's been dosing kids with this sh*t for years. Superheroes aren't born, they're made in a goddamn lab!"


"Wait wha-- there's no time. Give me those documents I'll get them to the rest of The Boys. You need to leave. Now! Take my pass to get out the back staircase."




Hughie walked briskly down the street, hood up, looking over his shoulder as he went. If they knew about him, it was only a matter of time before they tried to take out not just him, but his dad as well.


He turned the corner into the alley and--- WHOOOSH.


"Hugh Cambell. It's a pleasure to finally meet you!"


Hughie turned around, but he knew who it was before he actually saw him. It was, after all, the voice of the most recognizable man (god?) on the planet.


"You didn't think you'd actually get away with the documents did you Hugh? With murdering Translucent and Noir? You should have just taken the money Vought gave you for Robin and walked away."


"You know for a guy who can see everything, I'm surprised you can't see this. I don't have the documents. They're probably already at the CIA already. Or the press. It's over for you," Hughie replied.


"Pity," said the Homelander, his eyes glowing red. "That was your only chance to live."


A flash of red light burst from Homelander's eyes and went right through Hughie's neck. As his head fell from his body and his knees buckled to the floor, a key card slipped from his fingers. Homelander retrieved it.




SPOOT aka Hughie Campbell, TOWN MASON has been decapitated via laser


Night continues.

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10 hours ago, JiFapono said:

Meh, weird logic isnt uncommon around here.  Between Gsexy, Spoot and 80, we've seen our fair share of wtf's in this game alone, let alone all the games we have to figure out wtf they're talking about.  That said, your logic wasnt just weird, it was stupid and I dont think you're stupid and non of your reasoning why makes any sense whatsoever.



9 hours ago, JiFapono said:

Nah, gotta disagree.  There is literally zero logic behind, "letting the night figure it out", zero.  Unless he knows more then the rest of us, its hazardous, to say the least.  Nolders had merit because while misplaced, it was a general principle type thing regarding a VT reveal.   A little bit different then just letting both the reveal and counter hang out like it's not big deal.  It's screams, agenda.


9 hours ago, JiFapono said:

Fair enough.  I disagree wholeheartedly with "self resolving" - very hazardous line of thinking.  Unless you know what's going to happen tonight, if there was a blood bath and we just randomly killed a townie because we wanted to "let the night work it out", that could be a disaster.  Or worse, we run up a power role or worse case scenario, we run up a protection role and now we're ****ed.  Altogether extremely careless.


So Jif  Did night resolve the crusher/80 thing? You're welcome.

And btw  you didn't HAVE to kill a random townie  you could've gone no lynch.  

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lol i cant help you with other powers greenie but BPV is Bullet Proof vest Strongman is a kill that can get thru a protect  Doc or BPV or even a bodyguard and bulletproof is you can survive a shot. its usually that you can survive 1 shot  get shot twice and you dead

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1 minute ago, Greenseed4 said:

My D3 List:

Scum: Beaver, 80

Town: Drums, Crusher, Spoot, GS

Undecided: JC, Nyn, Kdels, Dice, Stark, Barry, JiF, Ape, 


Just so you know... including yourself in your town pile is precious

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51 minutes ago, Dicetosser said:

So Jif  Did night resolve the crusher/80 thing? You're welcome.

And btw  you didn't HAVE to kill a random townie  you could've gone no lynch.  

The no lynch stance rears its ugly head... lol

FYI It goes to random if no majority is reached

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8 minutes ago, Nynaeve said:

Just so you know... including yourself in your town pile is precious


8 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

good list peen.

I literally just listed the dead people and myself.  Then put the rest in “undecided”  LOL

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1 hour ago, Spoot-Face said:

#theboysedit from is that how captain america would do it?

Goodspeed, Boys, and good luck.

EAD @Jetsfan80, you creepy, dead bitch.


Also, @jvill 51 that Homelander death scene was brilliant! I wondered if the baby would make an appearance! So epic!

There was no way laser baby wasn’t making an appearance.


Also, 80 dying after fapping on the roof of a skyscraper just seems so.. poetic.


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5 hours ago, Greenseed4 said:

^reminding you that you really are brilliant.  See. 


I have good votes. 


If 80 is in fact 3rd party, how many other scum are we looking at (in your experienced opinion)? 2, 3, or 4?


Dude. I put stuff out there to see what people say.

Anyway, it doesn't serve us any good to speculate how many other scum there are, until more mechanics of the game are revealed. Typically, amount of scum is determined by both total amount of players - but also how the mod balances power roles on all sides. It's a fools errand at this point - basically, not enough death yet.

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1 hour ago, Nynaeve said:

It bothers me that 80 never moved to vote for ape as his counter train. He stayed on spoot even when votes peeled off of him. Then claimed at L-2 and of course had to move to Crusher with the counterclaim.

Yep, despite Ape parking on 80 and never moving. He likes being an early bus vote when scum.  Our instincts were right and @Barry McCockinner sniffed it out too. 

Vote Ape

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