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Tebow "blocking"


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16 minutes ago, joewilly12 said:

Tim Tebow needs to know when to say when. 

No way he makes the final 53. 

I am definitely biased as a UGA grad, but he should not make it beyond this week. 

34 year old who has never blocked, run a route or caught a pass in the NFL should not be taking a roster spot from a young hungry kid who actually plays the position.  It is a joke that has gone far enough. 

Let him go back to SEC Network.

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I saw that video and didn’t see what the big deal was. He took his man out of the play. It’s not like that player threw him to the ground and then tackled the back for a loss. The guy is getting another shot. Like it or not. Who cares? The Jets did the same thing in the mid 2000’s with Andre wadsworth. Occasionally players get shots after being out of the league for a while. Most just aren’t as famous as Tebow is. If this was anyone else, nobody would care.

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Tim played STs when he was with us and he did ok Westoff had only good things to say about him. So he can block and he’s willing to throw a block. But that was 9 years ago and the plays I saw him involved in this past weekend he seemed uninvolved away from the play. 

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The only people who lost with the Tebow experiment where the people who got upset that a popular player got a long try-out. He sold jerseys, and took a little heat off their rookie QB. The roster spot that Tebow occupied prevented a player who was not going to make the team from off-season training and practice. 

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