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Day Two #JetsCamp Reports


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6 minutes ago, Larz said:



Overall, Wright possesses an unofficial Relative Athletic Score (RAS) of just 1.37 out of 10. For context, only two receivers drafted in 2023 had RAS marks under the median five. They were Patriots sixth-round pick Kayshon Boutte (4.99) and Chargers fourth-round pick Derius Davis (4.29).

As such, that may make it hard for Wright to get drafted, especially considering that his all-important 3-cone time of 7.81 seconds is among the worst-known times recorded, per the official RAS site.

Still, it remains possible that Wright will be selected given his solid size and production during his time at Purdue. It just doesn't seem overly likely given his athletic profile.

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1 hour ago, Lith said:

Didn't even realize that they already held the supplemental draft.  I am guessing nobody was selected.  As usual.

Yup.  Only two players - WRs Milton Wright and Malachi Wideman - were eligible to be picked, but neither of them was selected.

It's not like the Supplemental Draft of old, when teams actually used 1st round picks on players like Rob Moore or Dave Brown. These days, it's mostly a complete non-event.

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Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter

Free-agent defensive lineman Al Quadin Muhammad, who has started in recent seasons for the Colts and Bears, has a visit today with the NY Jets.

Former Purdue WR Milton Wright, who went undrafted in this month’s supplemental draft, tried out Thursday for the Jets.

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1 minute ago, Lith said:

I don't understand why so many fans seem to take such joy in knocking this guy down.  We will be a much better team if he is healthy and looks like the guy we thought he would be in his rookie year.  I get being skeptical, but I don't understand the unbridled joy some take in criticizing him.  

Thats It Martin Short GIF by PBS SoCal

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