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Tua vs. Ryan Clark

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I was hoping he’d say he would break him like a pretzel. Honestly though, Clark’s job is to talk about people and teams but how would he know whether or not Tua was or was not working in the off-season? 

These reporters and analysts talk out their ass most of the time. They need to use their experience either coaching and/or playing and express their honest opinion to average football fans. Everyone just try’s to stick out in a negative way. 

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Hilarious that Ryan has come out and apologised. Sums up the modern thinking of these presenters and talking heads. They try to have tough opinions but when they think they've offended someone who's a little too sensitive, out they come with their grovelling apologies just in case they lose their job.

Everyone involved should be embarrassed and ashamed, and the Dolphins should lose another 1st round pick to make up for it


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