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Jets vs. Falcons pics


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Here come the Jets!


YAY! Woo-hoo! The best thing about it?! NO MOTHERF*CKING GREEN PANTS! :)

Kerry Rhodes will make the Pro Bowl this year. Book it.


Mmm....thanks, Tabor. I'll go to sleep even happier now. :P He got beat really badly on one play in particular. He made me laugh in the post-game interview: "It's only the pre-season....but there's a couple I'd really love to have back. Haha." Yeah, haha for tonight, but in truth, I'm not the least bit worried. I agree. Pro-Bowl it is; but he's a Jet, so he may get scr*wed even though we all know better.

(insert that was gay smiley)


1. Wrong :)

2. Football is the only sport where men pat other men on the azz and nobody cares

3. Men hugging each other men openly are signs of happy affection and nobody cares

4. They shower together and nobody cares

5. I'm not there to see it, and that's a damn shame

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Would anyone be interested in a weekly desktop wallpaper based off the photos from that week's game?

Just something I had in mind that might be kind of interesting.

How about this for wallpaper?

A picture of Juan Wong with this text:

Juan Wong was there.

JetNation.com was there.

Where were you?

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