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More Jets hate...


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This guy pisses me off.


A Giants-Jets Super Bowl? The end's finally here

Nov. 26, 2008

By Mike Freeman

CBSSports.com National Columnist

The center for the Jets, Nick Mangold, described an interesting scene to the media this week. He was getting the oil changed in his car when he overheard two mechanics engaged in a friendly argument.

The Jets and the Giants meeting in the Super Bowl? Please, save us! (Getty Images)

The Jets and the Giants meeting in the Super Bowl? Please, save us! (Getty Images)

"One of them kept trying to talk about the Giants, and the other guy kept trying to talk about the Jets," Mangold said. "It was neat to see they were both able to go back and forth because both teams are doing well at this point in the season."

There is now runaway speculation about a Giants-Jets Super Bowl and it's not just by mechanics in auto shops. Many people everywhere are contemplating the possibility.

A Giants-Jets Super Bowl.




The Mayan calendar ends in the year 2012 and certain cultures have theorized the world will end in that year. There's an upcoming blockbuster movie based on these prophecies. If there's a Giants-Jets Super Bowl, it will officially mark the end of the universe because no one in this or any galaxy will be safe from the hoards of arrogant Jets and Giants fans.

If you think Yankees fans are arrogant, wait until Jets fans get to the Super Bowl. They'll act like the Jets are the Pittsburgh Steelers from the 1970s.

And that's before they get a few drinks in them.

At least the Super Bowl won't be a home game for the Jets. The New York Times exposed in 2007 the practice of hundreds of Jets fans at home games yelling at women fans to expose their breasts.

B-O-O-B, Boobs! Boobs! Boobs!

And I'm not talking about the women's breasts.

A New York Super Bowl would resemble the 2000 Subway Series between the Yankees and Mets where New Yorkers tuned in to watch in droves but, if you believe the television ratings, a significant portion of the country didn't care one damn bit.

It'd be the exact same way with a Giants-Jets Super Bowl.

What New Yorkers don't understand is there are other parts of the country besides, well, New York. Really, New Yorkers, it's true.

This isn't a New York bashing column. I love the area. I live in the area. I'm not John Rocker talking about the 7 Train.

And if you love New York, you could in a matter of months get a heaping full of it. That's because it's looking increasingly viable we might see a Giants and Jets Super Bowl.

Part of me would love to witness the sheer tabloid pandemonium and New York narcissism on full self-indulging, mirror hogging display.

While New Yorkers would love such a game, much of the country would absolutely, positively hate it. In many ways it would be terrible for the sport.

Don't think so? Here are 10 reasons why:

10. Brett Favre: Stories on Favre's trade to the Jets. Stories on Favre's old team. Stories on Favre's pranks in the Jets locker room. Stories on Aaron Rodgers. More stories on Favre. Favre the hunter. Favre the blue jeans model. Favre conquering poverty. Favre joining President-elect Obama's cabinet. Favre sleighs Beowulf. Favre farts.

Most of America is already sick of Favre. Only the city of Green Bay and Jets fans care about him. The rest of the country has had Favre fatigue for years. Imagine Favre in a Super Bowl as a Jet. You wouldn't have to wait until 2012 for the end of the world.

9. Frank Sinatra: We'd hear every incantation and incarnation of every song he ever made. The over-under on the number of times "New York, New York" would be played is 6.2 billion.

An AP writer recently wrote the football fans in New York are starting to "spread the news." Oh, boy.

8. Bruce Springsteen: See No. 9.

7. Constant images of various New York style pizzerias: We get it. New York has great pizza.

6. Much of America hates New York: It's an anti-American and stupid attitude but it's true. The minute two New York teams get in the title game interest level in many parts of the country will drop because of that hatred.

5. Rudy Giuliani: He'd be on every TV in the country saying how he predicted such a championship and how he was both a Giants and Jets fan. He'd probably wear a hat that was half the Jets logo and half the Giants. His appearances would be so insufferable, you'd actually root for the Bengals to make the Super Bowl.

4. The dynasty factor: If the Giants make it to consecutive Super Bowls, that would mean they were in the middle of making a potential Patriots-like run.

Some sports fans love dynasties but it seems the vast majority don't. The core of the NFL's rise in popularity is parity and dynasties run antithetical to that concept. Most fans want to see different teams in the Super Bowl.

3. The New York media: Let's say some in the New York media, not all, are insufferable jackasses. The homerism and cheerleading they'd generate would reach homoerotic levels.

2. Joe Namath: Quite possibly the most overrated quarterback in NFL history. He won a single Super Bowl. He sometimes acts like he won 50. He'd be interviewed 400 times.

1. Mets and Yankees Subway Series in 2000: This is proof of how a Giants-Jets Super Bowl might not be the ratings and interest bonanza some would think.

There's a great statistic about that game on baseball-almanac.com. Approximately 61 percent of all televisions in New York tuned into the clinching Game 5. However, according to the site, the next 30 largest television markets, during that exact same viewing period, registered double digit percentage losses.

In other words, much of America yawned while two New York teams took center stage.

A number of World Series contests featuring much smaller markets had far higher television ratings than the Subway Series. It goes to my argument that people are interested in great storylines and while market size is a factor it's not the only factor.

The Giants are a dynasty in the making and the Jets are the best team in their conference. A meeting between the two teams isn't just possible, it's probable.


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OMG Hundreds of Jets fans!!!

He does realize that Giants Stadium seats 80,000 people right? Oh wait, that would require him to think, so probably not.

What a bunch of nonsense that article is, if people don't like New Yorker's because they think we're too arrogant, than those dumbasses can go **** themselves!

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This guy's got his panties in a bunch.

People are going to care just as much, if not more, if it was a Jets-Giants Super Bowl or something like a Packers-Titans. Talk about bitter. The aura surrounding Favre will exist for whomever is the clear, vocal leader of the championship team, it's simply inevitable.

Someone's got unquenchable penis envy for New York, and as such has made a load of generalizations to please himself and make him look like he's following the common thought of the majority. He needs a slice of New York pizza.

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Most of America is already sick of Favre. Only the city of Green Bay and Jets fans care about him

Yes, that is why when Favre was considering coming back to Green Bay he was in the news every day all over the country. For months. Because the rest of the country was sick of him.

And this author can't claim it was the New York based media stoking the fires, because Favre didn't even consider coming to New York until a couple of days before the contract was signed.

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That is the same type of article that has been written about NY fans for years... all he did was add some ignorant Jets comments... If it pains you so much Mike, feel free to not cover Favre or the Jets. Maybe become beat writer for the Rams or something

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NY Fans are amongst the best in the world. Never heard of this guy before but I guess this is a way to get his name known. Calling NY a homer market is hysterical though. There is plenty of negativity from main stream media towards the NY teams.

But hey I guess it doesn't have to be true to be published. Just don't buy into what he wrote. All he is doing is trying to make a name for himself.


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I don't think us Jet fans can ever reach the plateau of Red Sox fans. They've won a couple of championships the past several years and listening to them you would think they invented baseball...don't believe me? Ask them.

Well I know basketball was invented in Springfield, Mass. Close enough. :biggrin:

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That is the same type of article that has been written about NY fans for years... all he did was add some ignorant Jets comments... If it pains you so much Mike, feel free to not cover Favre or the Jets. Maybe become beat writer for the Rams or something

That'll keep him busy. :roll: It's totally ridiculous to think fans outside NY would not care about the SB because of the NY teams. Hello? It's the Super Bowl !!

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This guy pisses me off.


Isn't 8-3 and 12-4 at worst not enough for you?

How about the Jets being a very talented, very resiliant team that can physically beat the crap out of an opponent on both sides of the ball?

We, as Jet fans, don't need moral victories or praise to feel good about the Jets. All we have to do is watch the Jets play and feel good about this team.

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Who gives a $hit if the rest of the country does not want? As a Jets fan (and NYer) if the Jets made it to the Super Bowl I could care less if NOONE outside of NY watched.

As far as ratings - what? All of the sudden the rest of the world will stop watching the Super Bowl? Please. When Tampa Bay beat Oakland several years back - sure we knew it was gonna be a boring Super Bowl - but its the Super Bowl, you gotta watch it.

Yanks/Mets was a fun week in NYC. People were going crazy....then we got real crazy when Piazza hit that fly ball to that landed so nicely in Bernie's glove. Three peat! Woo!

Anyway, back to football. Watching the two best offenses in the league battle on a neutral field where weather elements probably wont factor in - that would be fun. Jets, who would be a decent sized underdog in Vegas, trying to kill any premature talk of a possible Gmen dynasty. Favre looking for revenge on the biggest stage in the world.

I bet Eli would finally come out of the closet as well. Happiness for all!

...Oh and NY media have a bunch of jackas$es? Thank you Capt. Obvious!

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I used to think that nobody could be more arrogant than yankee fans. Then Boston fans proved me wrong, lol. Anyway, anyone who thinks a Jets-Giants superbowl would not get good ratings is an idiot. There are so many things that make that game interesting besides the New York connection, it would be huge.

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