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Did I really see these things I

Sperm Edwards

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Did I really see these things I’ve seen this year?

Did we actually acquire - in 1 off-season - Brett Favre, Kris Jenkins, Alan Faneca, Tony Richardson, Damien Woody, a highly-sought-after Calvin Pace, and the 6th overall pick in the NFL draft?

Did the Patriots really lose Tom Brady for the season in game 1 after all this happened?

Did Chad Pennington really throw the game-ending pick, against us, while playing for the Dolphins, like an hour later?

Did Matt Cassell really beat us in his first start since high school?

Did we really go into the season starting a 4th round rookie at CB and watch scrub QB’s pick on him with impunity for the better part of 3 months?

Did we really get outcoached by Norv Turner & Ted Cottrell?

Did the Jets really score 34 points in half a ballgame? And then, a month later, score 40 points in half a ballgame?

Did I really see Brett Favre throw 6 TD’s in a game while wearing a NY Jets (ok, a NY Titans) jersey?

Did I really then see Laveranues Coles smile once in Chad Pennington’s absence?

Did we really have less than a touchdown lead in the 4th quarter vs the Ryan Fitzpatrick Bengals, almost a year to the date from when Kenny Watson burned us for 130 yds and 3 TD’s?

Did we actually lose to the Raiders, whose record vs everyone else is 2-10?

Did we actually need a TD with a minute left in the game to beat the Chiefs with a 3rd-string QB and no Larry Johnson?

Did we really have difficulty covering Derek Fine?

Did the Jets really score 115 points in 3 games? The New York Jets?

Did Matt Cassell really throw for 400 yards (374 to not-Randy-Moss), and rush for another 62 against us?

Did we really beat the first-place Patriots and otherwise-12-0 Titans in back-to-back road games?

Does Matt Cassell really have more passing yards than Brett Favre?

Did we really get clobbered by the same Broncos that got clobbered by both the Chiefs and the Raiders (and who, a week after our game, only narrowly escaped going 0-2 to those same Chiefs)?

Does our $67M starting, healthy OLB tandem really have a combined 1.5 sacks in the last 8 games?

Did we really just lose to the 4-8 San Francisco 49ers while in a tight AFC playoff race?

Did we really lose 2 games to zero-experience, mid-season-promotion, interim coaches in the same season? Has any other team in NFL history accomplished this disgraceful feat, considering how bad any team has to be to fire a HC during the season?

Did Brett Favre really average 6.8 yards per completion, and 4.4 yards per attempt, to the 49ers secondary…with Nate Clements inactive for the game?

Did I really see the Jets light up the stingy Titans defense for 34 points, and then score less than that against the crappola Broncos & 49’ers defenses, in the two following weeks combined?

Did Brian Schottenheimer really find a way to have Brett Favre average under 10 yards per completion on the season, AND lead the NFL in interceptions, at the same time?

Do the Jets really have the #3 ground game in yards per attempt (#2 when you discount QB kneels & keepers), and only rank 15th in rushing attempts?

Did this franchise really invest significant contracts & draft picks to Kris Jenkins, Shaun Ellis, Kenyon Coleman, Calvin Pace, Bryan Thomas, Vernon Gholston, Darrelle Revis, Kerry Rhodes, Eric Barton, DeWayne Robertson, Jonathan Vilma, Kimo von Oelhoffen :bag:, and David Harris…and then make Bob Sutton the defensive coordinator for 3 straight seasons?

Did Woody Johnson really expect to collect in excess of a quarter of a billion dollars in PSL’s to watch Eric Mangini & Brian Schottenheimer attempt to coach Brett Favre into becoming Chad Pennington?

Did Eric Mangini expect us to not notice that the two things keeping us from being 6-7, and tied with the Bills for last place in the division, is an overtime coin-toss and the miraculous incompetence of Herm’s Chiefs?

Did you really read this whole list?

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Well you didn't type that you love me either. Am I to now assume that is also untrue?

I am sad now. :1cry:

I never loved you. I feel in love with a man who hated Herman Edwards. Take a look in the mirror because I don't see that man anymore. The man I loved would have followed Herm to Kansas City.

Oh and I typed that I would run 10 miles. Never said I would race it. :shutit:

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Don't worry. Whatever team you'd move onto will turn into the Jets.

The fan base itself is cursed, at least I feel that way.

It's not a choice. It's got to be mitochondrial, like being a Jedi, Rocco Baldelli or retarded(I should get some get serious credit here for refraining from a gay joke). No one would choose to be a Jets fan. No sane person, anyway. :confused:

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