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You know how a day or so after a loss, you usually start to feel better?


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I just want it all blowing up now, Rex, Tanny, the coaching staff, the owner (I know it's not possible) most of the team. We need to show Woody DO NOT go on the next game

Make him black it out!

This. Someone of significance needs to be canned on Monday, even if it is a PR blood letting....

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this team has killed me

I've told my family no jets gifts for xmas

I've told my son he gets to pick his own team to follow

I've watched on average 25% of the games on TV they are so out of it soon

I don't wear my jets hats out in public

I can't even enjoy college football

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only good thing is that we might have concussed Edelmen, therefore weakening their offense for the next game against Miami

Nothing good about this.

1. Classless to root for injuries

2. I'd rather the Patriots keep winning then EVER root for Miami, EVER

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