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Movie Madness Mafia - Good vs Evil


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"They're everywhere"!



"How is it possible that they've teamed up"? 



"Why is he here"? 



"Seriously, what the hell is this?



Our heroes are seriously confused but make no mistake about it - they are prepared for the battle that will ensue. 


Use whatever role you may have wisely as it could be the difference between life and death.


In the meantime... Tread carefully and stay alert.  Everyone may not be what they seem.



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1) Crusher/ACE WINNER
2) Leelou  (Pinhead) Scum GF -- blown up by JackD after already having been infected Day 2
3) Verb (Marty McFly) Town Time Traveler - Head ripped off, Day 2
5) Jack D  (Martin Riggs) Town Suicide Bomber -- blew himself and leelou up Day 2
6) Lily (Laura Croft) Town Commuter converted to wolf -- NK'd N3
7) Bee Gee  (Axel Foley) Cop -- Nk'd N1
8) JetFan80 (Jason Voorhees) Scum w/ Vest -- knocked the f-ck out Day 1..  * reanimated Day 2 but killed after an hour...
9) CTM (Chet) Town Douchebag w/ a vest -- NK'd N4
10) Ape
11) Hess (David Kessler) Wolfpack CL -- NK'd N5
12) JiF
13) Nolder (Frank Dux) Town Lethal Weapon - NK'd N2
14) Smash (Cujo) Townie w/ 1 time posion -- NK'd N5
15) Song/Verb (Clarice Starling) Town Agent 1 time LD - NK'd N4

16) Dan (Species) Scum Role Finder -- Lynched Day 6
17) JVoY (Freddy Krueger) Scum Role Blocker - Lynched Day 2
18) Nynaeve (Frank Drebin) Town Naive Cop -- spazzed out, death by suicide Day 5

19) Hallia

20) Wwwombat  (Jack Goodman) Natural Wolf - Lynched Day 3

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Vote AVM

Missed you! :)

Woohoo!!! Welcome back!! Only one thing could make this better....
Vote JVoY
There we go.  

If you keep asking dumb questions we'll find out soon enough.


I take that back.  TWO things could make this better.

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