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Whats you're NY York Jets Fantasy Football Names - ???


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I need you help, can we get some Fantasy Football names going? I used to use "TD's and Beet" all the time but was never able win my league. Last year I changed and made it Jets themed with "Rexy and I know it", sure enough the Jet gods let me win convincingly. I was hoping to get some help with a new name for this year. 


So far all I have is "Great Bowles of Fire", Feel free to submit your names below.


Here is my championship message to the league last year. enjoy! (please excuse bad grammar and miss-spelling as I was somewhat drunk and can't type/read that well in the first place.)


Congratulations I am your Champion
Posted: Dec 23, 12:18 AM
Dear League, 

It's a pleasure to be your Champion, your guiding light, your inspiration. To all of you that succeed in your own lives due to my great example, you are welcome. I said at the beginning of the year I would win and I did. Promise Kept. 

"Teeman" first and foremost great game. Either one of us at the end of the day would have to admit the other put together one hell of a team. You are all class man. Hill was a tremendous pick up. 

I'd also like to thank the Jeremiah Thompson for giving me that first round bye in the playoffs. thanks to that horrible team my guys were fresh for the important games. Dre, Dawg Pound thank you sir for having scrubs like Jed in the league. I mean this is the guy I thought I shut up in week one, then he ducks and backs out of his bet the second time I beat him. Then as two teams ready themselves for the championship game, he went ahead and doomed Teemans chances by jinksing him before it even started by opening his big mouth. No class. 

Jed you and your your scrub a dub loser team. You can talk to me and Teeman at the pro bowl while we are talking about what it takes to be a champion. Listen up and learn something. Just stay on the other side of the room where losers belong. i don't want any of your loser tarnish to get on our winners glory. As a matter of fact, maybe you should just stay home. 

Again everyone thanks for a great year. I will hoist the trophy of my dominance proudly. 

Your Champion 

-Rexy and I know it


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Forgetting Brandon Marshall is a classic


Revis Island another classic obviously 


and some from an old reddit thread:


Pryor knowledge; Coples therapy; The Geno Project; Double Decker Sandwich; She Wants The Dee; The Sun Will Come Out Amaro

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