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With the 6th Pick The NYJ Select?  

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  1. 1. With the 6th Pick The NYJ Select?

    • Cam Robinson-OT Alabama
    • Deshaun Watson-Qb Clemson
    • Jamal Adams-S LSU
    • Jalen Tabor-CB Florida
    • Leonard Fournette-RB LSU
    • Tim Williams-OLB Alabama
    • Ryan Ramczyk-OT Wisconsin
    • Mitch Turbisky- QB UNC
    • Dalvin Cook-RB FSU
    • Mike Williams-WR Clemson

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2 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

Come now you are going to totally discount Elliot from this year?  He along with Prescott turned the cowboys around.

The Jets took a non play making ilb last year.  The fact is that the Jets are in a bad spot this year picking 6th this year.  Whoever they take has to have a big impact on the team and a 1st class Rb can have as much if no more of an impact than a safety or whoever else is hanging round for us.

In any case I think you have nothing to worry about this front office has shown they don't care much about the RB spot and seem to prefer old washed up and injured guys in FA.

Also Bowles is the quiet Rex so we are taking defense.

I'm not discounting it.  He had a great year.  But I think a lot of RB's would have had a great year behind that line with the play of Dak Prescott.  Darren McFadden was a 1,000 yard rusher last year for the Cowboys with an absolute sh*t show at QB.  Demarco Murrary led the league the year before for them.  I bet Alfred Morris could have put up some big time numbers for them.  

Lets put is this way; Zeke is a good player but do you think the Cowboys would have been better off with someone like Jalen Ramsey yesterday? 

I do.

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just to make a prediction it's Leonard Fournette as BAP not necessarily what I would do just a prediction to what these guys are thinking. 

Trubisky could be a thing as well, just cause they are so desperate at the QB spot. two things tho, it's not a BAP pick like Mac likes and he might not even be there at 6

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On 1/15/2017 at 3:34 PM, Mike135 said:

Can't believe I'm saying this, but I absolutely love watching Dallas play.  And it's not because of Dak, Dez or their defense.

I don't care if we go into 2017 with Geno/Petty/Hack at QB.  Just build the oline and running game.  Being able to win in the trenches and control the clock is still the most important thing in this game.

If there was an olineman worthy of an early 1st, fine.  But there's not.  So roll with Fournette.  Then once one of our young QBs (or future QBs) is ready to take the reigns, they'll have a great running game to lean on.

Agree. OT, or RB or if they think he's  The Man, QB(though with this crack scouting staff off the Hack debacle, we KNOW they will pick a DB with a bad injury history no matter what we say, but I digress). Looking at this weekend's outcomes, I see a trend; defense-it's overrated. The Pats and Packers defenses are nothing special. If you score points when it matter that wins games. We have coaches that lives in a fantasyland where games get won 13-10. Spare the KC/Pitt game, which had a brutally cold weather situation, that is not the case at all so far in the playoffs. Even the best of defenses fail several times every game. Every season this franchise spends top dollar in free agency and high draft picks (and HCs, but I repeat myself; oh, you are #3 against the run but cannot stop the Pats from marching up and down the field like your the homecoming patsy, how adorable, nobody gives a flying fvkc) on defense, while patching the offense together with duct tape and bubble gum.

That has to start being reversed NOW.  

Would be concerned that any LT being compared to Turnstile Flowers should not be picked.

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On 1/15/2017 at 4:12 PM, T0mShane said:

It's a sh*tty spot anyway right now. You're gonna reach for one of the QBs or pull the trigger on one of the corners or safeties. Fournette, at least, might be fun to watch on a team that is the opposite of fun.

I think we're in prime position to grab one of the top guards myself. Fatter the better. 

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1 minute ago, T0mShane said:

Give us four of the fattest guards we can find and let's rolllll

Picking a guard....jesus h freaking christ on a pony.We KNOW it will be a nonphysical safety who cannot cover a rock with a piece of paper and has a bad injury history.  

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3 hours ago, Beerfish said:

I'll take Cook over Fournette.

Me too. Love cook. Fournette runs like he wants a short NFL career.

I voted for the LSU safety. Ha. I'm enamored.

as far as the Browns are concerned? Trade down for Ohio HS legend Trubinsky?

if I was the browns, I'd take the pass rusher. My biggest fear is they trade the pick for garrapolo and the pats take the pass rusher. 

edit: sorry about the browns-talk ... I got interrupted mid-post and I guess I forgot what thread I was in.

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On 1/15/2017 at 7:04 AM, rangerous said:

cornerback first.  much as a qb is attractive this is the place where they'll get a top flight corner.  Lt is also a good pick.  at 6 they can robably land the best Lt in this year's draft. 

Unless we get a Sherman/good Revis level player CB at 6 is horrible value. Not enough impact.

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52 minutes ago, johnnysd said:

Unless we get a Sherman/good Revis level player CB at 6 is horrible value. Not enough impact.

that's the idea (although sherman was considerably lower than first round.  I think round 5).  maybe Lt if there is an out of the box starter.  qb if there is a bonafide franchise guy.

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On 1/15/2017 at 9:55 AM, TNJet said:

I think the best question would be: Of the 5 teams picking ahead of us, what are the chances they need a top tier RB worse than we do?? Maybe Jax who's their starter, Yeldon? thoughts would be appreciated...

Jax had Yeldon and Chris Ivory who they gave big $$ to last year/

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