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Ah well someone had to start it , seeing as Dino 'officially' ended the last one.

Oh no, I'm gonna get banned again YO! YO! YO! YO!

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56 minutes ago, Panzer Division Marduk said:

Huzzah! The wanderer returns!

Speaking of blasts from the past, I actually ran into the guy who created this thread in a pub in London before the game.

No way.  That is crazy.

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49 minutes ago, Panzer Division Marduk said:

Yeah, wouldn't have recognised him but for AFJF posting a video of him from the day before.

I forget his name, but there was a member of this board who lives in the same town as I do.  I have on rare occasions seen a person wearing a Jets shirt/hoodie.  I just thought it would be weird to go up to him and ask if he is a member of the Jet nation, 

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