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Slightly optimistic

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4 hours ago, Greensince69 said:

I think most people forget just how good our defense was last year without our best player.   With CJ back we are automatically better.  With all the CB help we have added I am sure this unit will be better also.  I think Q is too good to suck as much as last season and will step up this year.  With a solid defense we turn to the offense and what we hope to be a vastly improved OL.  As we have added a few road graders I would think the running game will be better.  If they can keep Sam upright it will get interesting.  Mims and Perriman should make the receiving corp better. Having a healthy Herndon at TE will be huge.  I think we will be more competitive than the press think and do better than the Pats this year.

weplay a tougher schedule...   so am only hoping we can maintain what we did last year, #10 DVOA against all teams....

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I’m optimistic but understand we have a ways to go.  So far Douglas has been very good and a breath of fresh air.  I dont think things are as bad as some think. Improving the oline will help us a lot obviously most for Sam.  I kid our defense and obvious GW who I believe was our MVP last tear with the job he did. But I’m also realistic about this upcoming season. We have a tough schedule so I think we are one more tear away and one more good draft away.  But I think we are headed for a good future 

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Just now, Losmeister said:

fwiw... i wouyld say that I have been more optmistic than I SHOULD HAVE BEEN owing to the Jetnation kooliad over the last 2 yrs...

some dilution is healthy

Some of these guys take this stuff way too serious, and their feelings get hurt when we question the bs. Then you have the ones who think piling on will make them popular with the rest of the board. It is what it is.

Nice to hear from you. It's good to have a kindred soul around, brother. 


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The Bills look really good. They would be my biggest concern. I think they win the division. 

I think Pats will have a tough transition from Brady to Stidham. 

Dolphins will NOT be good this season. They are still a mess. 

Jets certainly improved. However, they have a tough schedule. They really need the O-line to PROVE they can protect Darnold and create holes for Bell. They need to PROVE they can improve the pass rush and pass D (like they did towards the end of the season)- I think they will with the additions they made in the draft and FA. And most importantly, they need to stay healthy

You never know how things will play out. If Allen gets hurt and the Bills struggle maybe the Jets can win the division. Maybe they get a wild card spot. But it won't be easy and things will need to go right. 

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