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"Around the Horn"-Buy or Sell


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Quote okay, let me not ruin this thread...

B/S: Tmac and the Rockets making a legitimate run at the West.

Sell. They are not that good, relative to the rest of the West.

Buy or Sell: Kobe dropping a 50 today.

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BUY. Pats are on their way down, Sox will continue to be a force for much longer.

Buy or sell: Keller will lead the team in receiving yards next year.

Hmm......that's really a toss up between Keller & Cotch, but I will BUY.

Buy or sell: The Jets will rank within the TOP 4 on defense.

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Sell. He'll have one year there, he'll be the #2 receiver (statistically) . And then demand a new deal or to be traded.

Buy or sell....

Brandon Marshall getting traded to the Jets.


Buy or sell Jets Babe showing us her Victoria's Secret undies. :-P

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Sell, and are you trying to get me to go to jail? You're what, 15?

Buy or sell:

Jay Cutler...top 5 QB next year.

It was a joke. ;)

SELL. Not with those "receivers".

Buy or sell: Leon Washington scores 10+ touchdowns KR/PR/Receiving/Rushing/Whatever...

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