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Jets Fans will roar with delight, if our 1st pick is...


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:rim: Make jokes funny man...we'll see who's laughing after week 3.

Who gives a flyin fark about week 3??? Lets see whose laughing in January and February. Phins fans are really pathetic. I was checking out thePhins.com the other day, and some of their sigs and avatars are "2008 Divisional Champions" and "2009 AFC East Sweep...Drown the Jets!"

Fact is, Id take 2 losses to the Dolphins every year if it meant a birth in the AFC Championship Game in January.

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brandon graham is an absolute monster i have seen him play in person many many times and i can say this guy sure looks like hes the real deal

mikey t lets make it happen

Hes projected to go around 10... We are pick 29. For us to move up that far we'd have to give up too much IMO. I understand the kid has got serious potential...But we have some depth issues all over the roster that need to be addressed this draft... Namely CB, S, and OL. That is in addition to DE, which would obviously be addressed if we were to get Graham.

We'd basically be giving up our 1st and 2nd rounders for sure and probably Clemens and either BThomas or Leon... We would then be creating depth issues at the QB position and either the LB or RB position as well as still not solving our CB, S, and OL depth problems.

Label me AGAINST that trade up

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