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We will win tomorrow.


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What over-rated teams has Herm ever exposed besides the Jets?

I do believe we have a chance tomorrow night. From watching them last week, I know that Atlanta is extremely beatable. If we don't turn the ball over and Curtis doesn't rumble for 2 yards a carry, we will win the game.

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A #4 QB, a 49, er, 57, er, 143 Year Old Never Was #4 QB who favorite passtimes include ripping the hearts from fans, broiling them on Herms Grill, eating them, and then crapping them out before giving thme back....?

A Running Back only slightly older than Methuzalah, and who has less wiggle, burt or elusiveness than a corpse.....?

A Defense so over-rated that some Jets fans have actually compared it to the Super Bowl winning Bears and Ravens D's of yore.....yet they couldn;t stop the Offensive Juggernaut Buffalo Bills?

A Kicker who cost us a 2nd round pick and cannot kickoff any deeper than the 30 yard line?

A TE who cost us a move down in the FIRST round who has what? Three catches so far?

A Coach with no clue how to deal with Change?

A F.O. with no clue, period?

And THAT team is going to beat the Falcons?

LOL, you guys are VERY funny.

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2002 @ SD

2003 vs TEN (MNF)

this is exactly the type of game the Jets win. The type of game no one gives them credit for.


Bout dont also forget thge awful losses against teams like the Bears that year and such. We've been inconsistent.

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The Falcons' hype is better than the Falcons. This is a winnable game. But by the same token, it could be a total blowout. Only a degenerate gambler would touch this. I didn't post an entry in the "Predict the score" thread because I have no idea. I know this-there aren't many games left on the schedule that you can see the Jets winning. So if they get blown out, it might be a real bad ride the rest of the way. Chargers at home, Panthers on the road, at Broncos, Saints on Monday night, at Pats. There's at best 1 Jets win in those next 5 games.

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