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best team to never win a Superbowl?



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  1. 1. who?

    • 2001 R ams
    • 2007 Patriots
    • 1968 Colts
    • 1998 Jets
    • 1998 Vikings
    • 1983 Redskins
    • 1984 Dolphins
    • other

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07 Patriots -- only team in NFL history to go 18-1 and not win a championship.

honarable mention 93 Houston Oilers -- won their last 12 games -- Buddy Ryans defence - House of Pain -- that team could have beaten Dallas in the Super Bowl but since they were the Oilers they did their annual choke job come playoff time. But they were good.

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For one year it has to be the Pats in 07.

Overall team history you have to look at the Bills 90-93 teams that lost four straight.

Honorable mention has to go to the Browns 1980, 1986 and 1987. I think if the Jets lost two AFC Title games the way the Browns did in 86 and 87 to the Broncos there would be one less Jets fan on this planet. :suicide:

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Funny how my top 2 choices of those listed both involve the Patriots, and were possibly the two greatest upsets in the sport other than the '69 Jets beating the Colts.

My pick, the '07 Pats, were just so dominant all season EXCEPT against the Giants (and the Ravens with Rex's D). The 2nd choice would be the '01 Rams, whose loss to the Pats that year was a gigantic upset as well.

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I say the 1968 Colts.

The 2007 Pats had a great offense, but their defensive numbers were inflated because the offense put so many opponents in an early hole. That Pats D was never dominating.

The 1968 Colts were a dominating offense AND defense. The Offense scored 402 points and gave up 144 points in 14 games.

The 2007 Pats scored an NFL record high of 589 points. Extrapolate the 68 Colts avg in points scored and they would have had 459 points in 16 games.

The 2000 Ravens gave up an NFL record low of 165 points. Extrapolate the 68 Colts avg in points allowed and they would have given up 164 points in 16 games. Note, the 2007 Pats gave up 274 points, 110 points more than the 68 Colts would have.

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I voted for the Rams but I think its really the 1990 Bills. I'm not including any teams before my time because I don't think you can really judge those teams properly. The Bills turned into a joke and stuff but they were actually a great team anyway. Jim Kelly, Bruce Smith and Thurman Thomas were all time greats. Thomas kept Barry Sanders on the bench for two years, so you know he was good. The defensive game plan against the Bills in the that SB game was the best coaching Mumblecheck ever did.

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