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Bills are off a major loss to the Fish.

Of course the Jets' season is over. If the Bills lose to the Jets, their season is also over. This is a must win game for the Bills.

For the Jets it's a paycheck. Will the Jets quit? Will the Jets play tough?

I'm interested to see how the Jets play this week. I'll bet Woody is to

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You are a Jets fan, yes? So you know that this is what happens:

1. Nick Folk kicks a 49-yard field goal to beat the Bills 10-9.

2. jgb necroes six threads wherein he is quoted as saying that Vick should start from Day One and that Geno Smirh sucks, has sucked, and will always suck.

3. Woody Johnson is seen in his luxury box fist-pumping and awkwardly high-fiving various members of the Bilderberg Group.

4. In Tennessee, Mark Sanchez will throw for 5 TDs against the Titans, matching his performance from the previous week against the Packers. Vegas will install the Eagles as Super Bowl favorites.

5. Stoicsentry will start a thread detailing how wise it was for Rex Ryan to bring in Vick for the big playoff push, and how the injustice perpetrated by John Idzik upon this franchise compares to other historical atrocities.

6. Manish Mehta writes an article suspiciously similar in content and tone to stoicsentry's screed.

7. An article appears on JetNation.com cataloging how literally every other player in the 2014 NFL Draft is actually a better prospect than any player John Idzik has ever selected.

8. Rich Cimini, citing an unnamed source, writes an article about how Marty Mornhinweg has conspired with John Idzik to undermine Rex Ryan.

9. The Jets lose their following two games by a combined 86 points.

10. John Idzik, after the season, resigns. Mike Tannenbaum is hired to replace him. Mike Vick signs a 6-year, $72 million dollar extension. Rex Ryan is named Head Coach/VP of Football Operations. With the fifth overall pick of the NFL draft, the Jets select DE Shane Ray from Missouri. Sanjay Lal is named offensive coordinator. The big free agent acquisition is Dez Bryant, who immediately murders Sanjay Lal, whom Bryant (off his meds) mistakenly identifies as a "Muslim Devil."

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Our season is pretty much shot, but this is a must win for the players and coaches. A bad Jets team, coming into our place, coming off two stinkers of games against some decent teams. I fully expect them to come out and win this game, and with Cleveland coming to town the week after, 7-5 isn't out of the question. The tie breakers are all going against us, and it's a long shot, but a win Sunday keeps things remotely interesting atleast. Fred Jackson should be back finally as well. Hopefully him and Watkins are healed up. 

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