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Happy Birthday Nick Mangold

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18 minutes ago, section314 said:

Look how long it took them to include Mawae.

Mangold just retired so he isn't eligible for another couple years yet, and I think you're responding to a troll-post re complaints about Klecko not getting the nod again.

Mawae's career was probably more impressive - it certainly lasted longer & he was still a star lineman into his late 30s - but Jets fans saw both were so good I don't imagine anyone really cares to split hairs between them. It's tough for guys like Mawae/Mangold who have no way of putting up measurable stats beyond pro bowl and AP 1st team all-pro votes. Same went for KC's beastly OLmen like Shields & Roaf. Orlando Pace didn't get in right away either. Faneca has a better resume than Mangold - 6x 1st team AP nods and and he's waiting, too. 

They were all great, great players, but admittedly most weren't 1st ballot OL guys on the level of Larry Allen, Ogden. Shields & Faneca maybe. 

What's also going to hurt Mangold is his career straddled 2 decades, so getting all-decade nods was always going to be tough, and they prob do look at that even though career start/end dates can keep plenty of great players off these teams.

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