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Running against Denver

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Like many teams we are not going to just 'run the ball' we do not have Derrick Henry.  We need to score some points early and if we complete some passes then we will be able to run.  If we don;t it will be lots of 3rd and longs and we will get killed.

If we run on 1st down 75% of the time we lose.

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5 hours ago, FidelioJet said:

While I know you're half joking here...

It is the truth.  

This idea of getting anything going in a big way is absurd.  Right now the offense is lost, confused and being beaten (badly) at every level.  WR's running wrong routes and dropping a lot of balls, QB throwing to wrong spots, playing hero ball with terrible footwork and an OL that is routinely letting through free rushers and getting beat at the point of attack.

Add into that an OC that is seemingly calling plays that are poorly designed.

This isn't just a team getting beat because of lack of talent....it's an absolute mess.  Right now, this does not resemble a professional offense.

I know it's week 2 - but point is, let's not pretend like they're all of a sudden going to figure it out.  A long process of small steps is the best we can hope for.

I wasn’t joking. 

Cant game plan if you can execute fundamentals. That’s just where we are at.

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1 hour ago, jetspenguin said:

6) outside of the rookie guard this was the same starting OL as the one last year which was the worst in the NFL

This part


the opening week starting line up was identical to last years, with the sole exception of the rookie guard. 

That is simply a matter of fact. 

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