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Anyone going Sunday - looking for a tailgate?


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We usually have a pretty small tailgate each week, this week we have some friends coming and we're looking at about 20 people.

So I'm going to bring a bigger grill and we have room for more people. Anyone looking for a tailgate?

If so let me know the tailgate is the best part of the day unfortunately LOL.


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2 hours ago, eddiejs1 said:

Hey Phil.  Going with daughter, we were planning on grabbing some sandwich's but if you have room for 2 more that would be great.  Lmk if you want us to bring anything.

All Tailgate, No Game

Yes come on by we have room.

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8 minutes ago, Lot K Tailgaters said:

I’m missing my fourth game since 1998.  Had a hard time skipping trick or treating with the kids.  I tried to convince my wife that I could find other tailgate parties to give the kids candy if they went by but it didn’t fly lol.  

Yeah that is a tough one with young kids. Totally understandable. Enjoy the time with the kids.

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