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Jetnation Morning Session Training Camp Report 7/24

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Brian Clark a.k.a. lawngnome o-line

Training Camp Report

Morning Session 7/24/08

With rain in the forecast and a light drizzle falling on the field at Hofstra University, it was a relatively small gathering of Jet faithful at the first Training Camp practice of the 2008 season. With about 200 diehard Jet fans in attendance they were able to get the first glance at the new look Jets.

Drills today included:

Handoff/running drills without the line

11 v 11 drills with just offense and just defense

11 v 11 drills offense vs defense

Special Teams return drills

Field Goal drills

Individual unit drills

Some notes from the drills.

The quarterbacks (Pennington and Clemens) were mostly ineffective. Pennington missed a few connections with Cotchery and Coles, and although he threw two in the hands of Bubba Franks, he dropped both. Perhaps he

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Autographs were signed by the some linebackers and d-lineman. Leon Washington and Laverneus Coles also came over and signed a few for us JN guys, after a few comments made to them post practice.

There will be another report tonight after the afternoon practice

hey me and steve saw you there

i was wearing a jets hat

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124 gave me a call about 20 minutes ago. He said Rhodes, Leon and Barton were the best players today.

Thanks gainzo

First day is always exciting to get you pumped up about the coming year. Would be nice to hear that our QB's played better though.

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From my conversation with 124:

He said Barton (the real Barton, not the poster here!) is in awesome shape and he spoke with him.

124: Hey Barton you look like you are in great shape. Is training camp necessary?

Barton: **** no!

That cracked me up.

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Yes great report Brian. Brian had his little notebook in hand Todd so thats how he was able to get past our looking at women's behinds and Pennington's duck farts. :)

Please do let us know if Vernon suits up tonight. Now I definitely want to go back at least one more time to see Vernon. ****!

Leon & Barton were the stars of the day, and as always, so was Kerry.

The best thing though was seeing Kris Jenkins twice take Nick Mangold down and throw him around like he was a 5 year old girl. Very good look from Jenkins, by far the best new aquisition performance of the day today.

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