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Clue Mafia - Game on!


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Are you saying there was an investigation?

He's insinuating he investigated me - he didn't. I am town, he is bullsh*t. His play as "Cop" couldn't be any less pro-town.

Yeah, the pretty much suck. Makes doggin pushing so hard to establish the ape as a confirmed townie night 1 seem pretty convenient right now..

Nobody is curious why Doggin would ask 1,000 questions about how my bulletproof works, and then knowingly break the room tie by voting the room I did not?

Really, really wanted to lynch barm.. easy vote or pissed that he's not contriuting as a scum mate?

I brought this up earlier in D1, it was his only game related post. Reeked like he was just burying himself on a train that wasn't me or Jetscode. Glad you saw it too.

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Vote count:

Sharrow (8) – Vicious, CTM, BG, JVoR, Pac, Slats, SMC, Sharrow

Doggin (1) – I28

I28 (1) Jetscode

Not voting: Barm, Dan X, JF80, Doggin, Verbal, Brett, AVM, Gato, Hess

With 19 alive you need 10 to lynch.

Deadline Monday 8PM MST/10PM EST

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The day started off with some people suggesting you look at this person or that person, but nothing really serious took place until Vic said “I just read a book from that shelf. It taught me some body language. Sharrow, your body language says you are a killer!” He stands up and dramatically points at Sharrow. “We need to kill him!”

Most of you believed Vic, particularly when he staked his life on it. Vic said “All in favor raise your hand.” You looked at each other and at Sharrow and one by one your hands lifted into the air. 8….9…..10. Finally I28 opened the desk drawer, pulled out the revolver and did the messy deed.

Sharrow, Lady Garnet, mafia, was killed with the revolver.

It is now night 2. You have until Monday 8PM MST to get night actions in. Please vote for a room on the thread.

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