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****The official Jets VS Giants game Thread****™


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I hate to just be repeating myself but seriously why the **** have we thrown the ball once this entire half? The run is killing them! Schotty legit does not understand how match ups work. The Giants are bad against the run, we have run well against them all day. The giants have an awesome pass rush and our drives stall every time we try to throw the ball. So of course our offense basically abandons the run the entire half and keeps trying to throw it. Why does he try and make it so much harder for the team?

I'm convinced he just wants to prove to everyone how brilliant he is so he has to call all this BS instead of continually do the simple easy thing that works.

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Cry about Sanchez all you want. Kerley quit on the pass route. The defense quit on the Bradshaw touchdown drive. Rex needs to shut his pie hole and take a serious look at the deficiencies of this team, and of his coaching and fix them or the last 2 years will be the best we will get for the next 20 years. The window is going to close soon.

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