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Blade Mafia - Blood of the Forefathers


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1 hour ago, A.J. said:

I don't hate that hammer FWIW

@Stark where was all that on D1? The most commentary I remember from you on GATA's play was that whenever someone self votes and beats their chest that it pings. Fair enough. Later on, when her and Nolder were going at it, I made a point to get involved and tell them they were both being dumb - I don't remember you commenting on that. There was definitely more content from her to evaluate as the Day dragged on and her wagon stalled out. I think there's definitely something to dig into amongst the group of people who parked on her the whole time, not saying it's you necessarily but you fall into that category and it would've helped if you'd fleshed out that read more D1 imo.

As far as the line, meh. At that point multiple people had all said they weren't going to change, others were pounding the drum to get D1 over since it was like 50 pages deep, I wasn't convinced she was going to flip scum but for the sake of getting the game on and having no way to be 100% sure, I threw down to make progress. Oh well.

fair enough. 

and fair enough

1 hour ago, SMC said:

Putting someone at L1, like CTM did (I believe), is a dangerous proposition.

FOS, CTM, Stark, and Hess.

ok. fos away. 

1 hour ago, Barry McCockinner said:

don't mind a hammer on this lizzy chick. 

all the bullsh*tting i give you, i apologize. this is a solid post.

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1) CTM

2) JetFan80

3) SMC

4) 32EBoozer

5) Verbal

6) JetsCode

7) AJ

8 )DPR

9) Nolder  Town Gladiator sliced in half by Blade

10) Barry

11) AVM

12) Drums

13) Gata  Ambitious Townie lynched Day 1

14) JiF

15) Stark

16) Lizard King Town Suicide Bomber lynched Day 2

17) Hess Station

18) Leelou

19) Jville

20) Beaver

21) Nyn






It is now night......

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3 minutes ago, HessStation said:

Bc Pac is an egomaniac and wants this game to beat your last games post count

I guess we'll see if I designed a game for longevity or not.. that would have been easy enough to do.

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25 minutes ago, Pac said:

Such a shame..  While Lizzie was gone checking his/her makeup, everyone came to the decision they must be a Vampire.

People sometimes make harsh decisions, and other times it proves to be a godsend.


14 minutes ago, CTM said:

oh ffs lizzie, why didn't you take someone else with you


12 minutes ago, HessStation said:

Bc Pac is an egomaniac and wants this game to beat your last games post count


11 minutes ago, CTM said:

That's a done deal lol

I tried to kill you the second I got a pm

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