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Help needed for the technologically inept.

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I remember making fun of my parents when I was about 12 years old because they couldn't hook up a VCR lol!

I must confess that I too am currently "tardy" on the technological front. I have a modem, I have a Roku TV, but I have no Wi-fi, no firestick, no Netflix, and no idea where to begin LMFAO!

I also have a bottom shelf on my refrigerator that might as well be the neutral zone cuz I think I have a huge fear of bending down or something?

Now my little wiseass kids tell me I'm not "modern". Yeah well maybe I missed the boat for a little while because I was Raising four kids and I would work all day and then come home and keep working all night you little wiseass' I'm lucky if I can find a pair of socks that match!

It's insane how much technology has advanced over the last decade or so. What's funny is I'm a musician and I actually used to repair equipment so I have always worked with electronics. I also worked on cars and I knew it was getting weird when they took away your keys and you press the start button instead!? Electric engines that make no noise? No more tranny shift it's a f****** knob?

Some things are better left alone

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If you open the dictionary and look up the word techno-tard . . . words are not necessary. Merriam-Webster went with just my photo, but not any photo. There I am laughing on the phone, it seems rather routine at first glance; but looks can be deceving. I'm taking endless pictures of my tonsils while I'm doing it. In my defense, I had an appt. with an ENT Dr. that day. You can all shut up now (shakes fist).


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Do you have a camera?  If so, just do this...

1. Take a photo of the screen with all your picks.

2. Print the photo on your printer (color is best but B&W works too)

3. Bring that print to an OfficeMax, FedEx Kinko's or similar store and ask them to scan your print and turn it into a PDF file, putting it on a thumb drive for you.

4. Put the thumb drive into your computer and copy the PDF into a Reply on this thread.

Voila! Piece of cake!

We'll then be able to make fun of your picks.

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