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The Good and the Bad from Jets:Saints game


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The Good:

~Mann was a good punter

~The new kicker made 3 FGs

~Wilson had 0 INTs, first time in the season

The Bad:
~Ran out of good things very fast

~Defense was bad

~Offense was bad

~Wilson regressed horribly against a good defense

~I'm getting an existential crisis writing this


Overall, I'm grading the game as a D-, and the only reason for it not being an F is because of Mann and Pinerio looked good. That game was awful, and don't want to see that again. I think the fact that Wilson didn't throw any INTs is pretty overlooked currently, but for a good reason. I'm wondering how many INT-worthy plays there were

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6 hours ago, Maynard13 said:

the good - 1 we are 1 game closer to the end of this miserable season

                   2 we maintain our draft position

the bad  -  1 there are still 4 games left in this miserable season

The draft isn’t much to fall back on if we can’t develop young players. This coaching staff are all rookies with no xp, and they look it.

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11 hours ago, Hal N of Provo said:

Not a good game for Wilson.  Concerning that the whole team looks bad.  Why can’t they develop players?  

Are there NFL “boosters?” It’s like USC/ Texas level bad for the Jets.  A joke, but something is off.

You could see if watching the whole game that their CBs are extremely good and our receivers had no chance against them, but when your top WRs are Coles/Crowder it is tough to match them up against some of the best CBs in the NFL. That is why the Oline started to look not as good and Zack had to move out of the pocket a lot, because no WRs got enough separation and the RBs we were down to couldn't even be used as check down receivers due to their drops (see Ty Johnson). See people do not realize if RB Johnson catches even 2 of the passes he dropped, Zack would have had more 1st downs under his belt and more confidence. Then he would not have been pressing a bit and maybe some of the shorter throws would have been more on target. This teams biggest issue is they have to somehow keep the players healthier or the QB is constantly playing with a JV team. We cannot develop a QB that way. 

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1 hour ago, More Cowbell said:

No it wasn't. I would love to agree with you but there were unblocked rushers and guys collapsing the middle on quite a few plays. Not every play mind you. Zack did have some clean pockets as well

I thought the pass blocking was very good in the first half, but in the second half it seemed like the Saints got a lot more pressure and unblocked guys.  They may have made a halftime adjustment and starting blitzing or changed where they were coming from, etc.  

The run blocking did not seem good all game.  Wasn't the longest run of the day Zach's scramble?  Yeah, the two best RBs were out, but still...



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Zach looked bad yesterday.

But in the previous week this Saints defense made Dak Prescott who is being paid a bajillion dollars a year to play QB look decidedly average.

That's with Ceedee Lamb, Dalton Shultz, Amari Cooper and a pretty darn good OL.

Disappointed that he didn't play well, but with the lack of talent around him in combination with his obvious earlier struggles none of us should be surprised.

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