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May 31 OTA Updates

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1 hour ago, Barry McCockinner said:

his calf exploded and he died. now the jets can't restructure his contract and 2024 is also a wash.

Yes but even while dead his performance is  consistently better that the starter from last year.

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1 hour ago, DoubleDown said:

In before @Joe W. Namath tells everyone Breece is getting 20+ carries Week 1.

20 plus from the get go.  Thats never been in question outside of foolish jet fans.

Dont forget Saleh said we will limit him in training camp even though we dont have to.

The guy doesnt even need to be limited in training camp and jet fans want him on ir to start the year.  My goodness..................

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1 hour ago, T0mShane said:

Can’t believe we now have to give Teddy Bridgewater $40 mil to bail us out. So sad. The haterz were right.

Prior to AR, Teddy was the best QB we've had on the roster in more than a decade.  This team could put on a clinic on mismanagement.  :( Hoping for more/better from here on out (looking at you JD)

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