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Sons Of Anarchy Mafia: Day 3

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The rumble of engines echoed through the night as the neon signs of Charming painted streaks of red and blue against the chrome and leather. The Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original (SAMCRO) had been called to a meeting at their clubhouse, their home, their fortress. It was an ominous night, the tension palpable, and a sense of urgency hung in the air.

Among them, a well-respected member, "Filip 'Chucky' Marstein", was missing. The brothers waited, but he never showed up. Instead, the roar of an unfamiliar engine broke through the silence. The heavy clubhouse doors swung open, revealing a blood-soaked Mayans rider, dragging something behind him.


With a cruel smirk, the intruder threw his burden to the floor. It was Chucky, or what was left of him. The message was clear - a declaration of war.

With that, the Mayans rider was gone as quickly as he came, leaving behind the echoes of his engine's roar and a chilling silence.

SAMCRO was now on high alert. The clubhouse was no longer just a home; it had become a war room. The rival gang's message was clear, and it was time for SAMCRO to respond. The lives of their brothers were on the line, and there would be no peace until their enemies were eliminated.

As the sun began to rise on the quiet town of Charming, it was clear that the days to come would be anything but peaceful. The war was on, and only the strongest, the most cunning, would survive.


1. @Hal N of Provo - Opie Winston - VT lynched D1

2. @Jetsfan80

3. @jgb

4. @jvill 51 - Bobby Munson - VT killed N1

5. @Drums

6. @The Crusher

7. @JiF - Romeo Parada - Mayan Goon lynched D2

8. @Arsis - Tara Knowles - Doctor killed N2

9. @Beaver

10. @Integrity28: "Filip 'Chucky' Marstein" - VT died during intro

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Game Rules:

  1. If there is no majority on day 1, the person with the highest vote will die.
  2. A failure to reach a majority lynch beyond Day 1 will result in a RANDOM LYNCH. If there is a tie at the end of day, I will random.org the poor bastards and let fate decide. 
  3. So the new players are aware, there is no outside communication.
  4. Please bold your vote. I'll still count un-bolded votes, but if I don't see it, that's your fault.
  5. I reserve the right to mod-kill you for breaking any rules, playing outside of the spirit of the game, or just being an overall dick.
  6. I also reserve the right to add to, remove, or otherwise alter any of the rules stated above, or below, if it's in the best interest of fairness and the game.
  7. If you have any grievances, gripes, or need to arrange for a sub, please direct them to me via your role PM, rather than in the game thread.
  14. GFY
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Alright.   So I finally read the prompt.   Let’s bag the game and go kill the Mayans.  Every last one of them.  

Nothing complicated but it’s ends with blenders, zip lock bags, and a friendly note to lighten the mood when we drop the bags off to their families.


Also heads up I’m going to be on vacation and probably will be offline for some chunks of time.   I’m celebrating @Drums anniversary.  

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My wife’s father had a health crisis and we are rushing out of the country to be with him. I’m sure they’ll be a lot of waiting sitting around for news so not pulling the ripcord on participating, yet.

Oh and congrats @Drums on getting another human to tolerate you. You must be a real slick customer.


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57 minutes ago, JiF said:

My dog's name is Jackson Teller JiF - fyi.  Loved this show, anyone ever watch Mayans?  I couldnt get into it.  No sexy Jax to look at all show long.

This might be the first theme I have played in Mafia that I am unfamiliar with.   Never watched the show but always heard good things about it.

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