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Hypothetically Speaking, If Von Miller Were on the Block - Would You Trade For Him?

What would you give up for Von Miller if he were available?  

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  1. 1. What would you give up for Von Miller if he were available?

    • 2 First Round Picks +
    • 1 First Round Pick
    • 2 Second Round Picks
    • 1 Second Round Picks
    • A few mid-round picks
    • Maybe a later pick or 2
    • Nothing - Offense or bust, also go eat a bag of dicks

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In the off-season, Elway didn't rule out the possibility of trading Von Miller. With an 0-4 start comes all types of speculation, including trading away players for picks. Von Miller becomes an obvious speculative trading piece.

If Von Miller were available, would you want the Jets to trade for him and what would you be willing to give up?

Obviously we have major needs on the offensive side of the ball, especially with the o-line. My opinion is that we should be focusing our resources on fixing o-line first and foremost, possibly on WR. However; Von Miller is a 10+ sack per year guy who seems to still have a lot in the tank. He had 14.5 sacks last year. An edge rusher of his caliber could take our defense from average to very good, possibly elite really quickly. Von Miller and Jenkins off the edge with a strong interior would likely create major problems for opposing QB's.

That said - he is 30 years old.

What say you?

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I  was going to express my opinion, but then I read this post: 

9 minutes ago, UntouchableCrew said:

Less than he would cost. The defense should be better than it is, but it's good enough to win with a good offense. We need to invest the vast majority of our resources, particularly our premium resources, on offense.

And this post:

8 minutes ago, shuler82 said:

Nope.  Sadly we dont  have the luxury of giving up multiple draft picks at this point .. 

And this post:

5 minutes ago, Paradis said:


no no no


no more trading for veterans. Look at this fcking team. 

And I find it is no longer necessary as my opinion has already been stated in the thread.


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I do it but not for a first rounder. Seriously, get him in here and keep him for 3 years. People worry about our window, but in this NFL you either are a contender or your not and you do whatever you can to be a contender every year. Keep the first rounder, acquire Von Miller, sign OL help, draft OL and WR. If Darnold’s any good we’re competing.

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